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Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2002.12.08

ALSO SEEN: Craig W. Kallendorf, Humanist educational treatises. The I Tatti Renaissance Library v. 5.   Cambridge, MA:  Harvard University Press, 2002, Pp. xvi, 358.  ISBN 0-674-00759-X.  $29.95.  

Reviewed by Brad Eden, University of Nevada, Las Vegas (

This book contains four of the most important theoretical expositions written during the early humanist movement. They are: Pier Paolo Vergerio's The Character and Studies Befitting a Free-Born Youth, Leonardo Bruni's The Study of Literature, Aeneas Silvius Piccolomini's (Pope Pius II's) The Education of Boys, and Battista Guarino's A Program of Teaching and Learning. After a short introduction explaining the humanist movement as well as providing a biography and introduction for each of the humanists and their texts, the editor/translator proceeds to provide a highly readable, accurate English translation of each of these Latin texts, with a reliable Latin text of the treatise on facing pages. The I Tatti Renaissance Library series, which this book is part of, is well-known for making available the major works of the Italian Renaissance written in Latin, in both an instructive yet understandable English translation, along with the Latin version presented on facing pages. Notes on the translations, a brief bibliography, and an index are also included.

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