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Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2002.11.09

Books Received October.  

Titles marked by an asterisk are available for review. Qualifiedvolunteers should indicate their interest by REPLY to this message, stating their qualifications (both in the sense of degrees held and in the sense of experience in the field concerned) and explaining any previous relationship with the author.

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*Abbamonte, Giancarlo, Lucia Gualdo Rosa and Luigi Munzi, Parrhasiana II. Atti del II Seminario di Studi su Manoscritti Medievali e Umanistici della Biblioteca Nazionale di Napoli. Napoli, 20-21 ottobre 2000. A.I.O.N. Sezione Filologico-Letteraria XXIV, 2002. Pp. 242. ISSN 1128-7209.

*Apostolopoulou, Machi, Eranos. Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on the Odyssey (2-7 September 2000). Ithaca: Centre for Odyssean Studies, 2002. Pp. 512. EUR 30.00. ISBN 960-85093-4-3.

*Bakker, Egbert, Irene J.F. de Jong, and Hans van Wees, Brill's Companion to Herodotus. Leiden: Brill, 2002. Pp. xx, 652. EUR 179.00/$208.00. ISBN 90-04-12060-2.

Coulton, J.J., The Fort at Phylla, Vrachos: Excavations and Researches at a Late Archaic Fort in Central Euboea. London: British School at Athens, 2002. Pp. 150; 61 figs. £23.00. ISBN 0-904887-39-1.

*Couprie, Dirk L., Robert Hahn and Gerard Naddaf, Anaximander in Context. New Studies in the Origins of Greek Philosophy. Albany, NY: State University of New York Press, 2002. Pp. 290. $27.95 (pb). ISBN 0-7914-5538-6.

*Easterling, Pat and Edith Hall, Greek and Roman Actors. Aspects of an Ancient Profession. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2002. Pp. 542; ills. 61. $90.00. ISBN 0-521-65140-9.

*Evans, Harry B., Aqueduct Hunting in the Seventeenth Century. Raffaello Fabretti's De aquis et aquaeductibus veteris Romae. Ann Arbor: The University of Michigan Press, 2002. Pp. 316. $55.00. ISBN 0-472-11248-1.

Falconer, John and Thomas Mannack, Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum. Great Britain, Fasc. 19. Winchester College. London: Published for the British Academy by Oxford University Press, 2002. Pp. 26; pls. 16. $72.00. ISBN 0-19-726257-0.

*Ferry, David, The Ecologues of Virgil. Bilingual Edition. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2000. Pp. 112. $13.00 (pb). ISBN 0-374-52696-6.

Ferry, David, The Odes of Horace. Bilingual Edition. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1998. Pp. 368. $16.00 (pb). ISBN 0-374-52572-2.

*Ferry, David, The Epistles of Horace. Bilingual Edition. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2001. Pp. 144. $14.00 (pb). ISBN 0-374-14856-2.

*Foley, John Miles, How to Read an Oral Poem? Urbana/Chicago: University of Illinois Press, 2002. Pp. 280. $19.95 (pb). ISBN 0-252-07082-8.

*Gazda, Elaine K., The Ancient Art of Emulation. Studies in Artistic Originality and Tradition from the Present to Classical Antiquity. Supplements to the Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome. Ann Arbor, MI: The University of Michigan Press, 2002. Pp. 320; pls. 120. $65.00. ISBN 0-472-11189-2.

*Gerber, Douglas E., A Commentary on Pindar Olympian Nine. Hermes Einzelschriften 87. Stuttgart: F. Steiner, 2002. Pp. 94. EUR 34.00. ISBN 3-515-08092-9.

Gibson, Roy K. and Christina S. Kraus, The Classical Commentary. Histories, Practices, Theory. Mnemosyne Suppl. 232. Leiden: Brill, 2002. Pp. 427. EUR 99.00/ $115.00. ISBN 90-04-12153-6.

*Gorman, Vanessa B. and Eric W. Robinson, Oikistes. Studies in Constitutions, Colonies, and Military Power in the Ancient World Offered in Honor of A.J. Graham. Mnemosyne Suppl. 234. Leiden: Brill, 2002. Pp. 396. EUR 89.00/ $104.00. ISBN 90-04-12579-5.

Halperin, David M., How to do the History of Homosexuality. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 2002. Pp. 216. $30.00. ISBN 0-226-31447-2.

*Haug, Dag, Les phases de l'évolution de la langue épique. Trois études de linguistique homérique. Hypomnemata 142. Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2002. Pp. 176. EUR 42.00. ISBN 3-525-25241-2.

*Jashemski, Wilhelmina Feemster and Frederick G. Meyer, The Natural History of Pompeii. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2002. Pp. 528; 12 line diagrams, 159 half-tones, 216 colour plates, 23 tables. £125.00. ISBN 0-521-80054-4.

*Jongman, Willem and Marc Kleijwegt, After the Past. Essays in Ancient History in Honour of H.W. Pleket. Mnemosyne Suppl. 233. Leiden: Brill, 2002. Pp. 378. EUR 79.00/ $92.00. ISBN 90-04-12816-6.

*Kaizer, Ted, The Religious Life of Palmyra. Stuttgart: Franz Steiner, 2002. Pp. 307. EUR 64.00/sFr 102.40. ISBN 3-515-08027-9.

*Kennedy, Duncan F., Rethinking Reality: Lucretius and the Textualization of Nature. Ann Arbor: The University of Michigan Press, 2002. Pp. 160. $44.50. ISBN 0-472-11288-0.

*Ludwig, Paul W., Eros and Polis. Desire and Community in Greek Political Theory. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2002. Pp. 412. $65.00. ISBN 0-521-81065-5.

Maltby, Robert, Tibullus. Elegies. ARCA 41. ISBN 0-905205-99-5.

McLean, B.H., Greek and Latin Inscriptions in the Konya Archaeological Museum. Regional Epigraphic Catalogues of Asia Minor IV. The British Institute of Archaeology at Ankara Monograph 29. Ankara: 2002. Pp. 134; figs. 282. $72.00. ISBN 1-898249-14-8.

Merrill, Rodney (trans.), The Odyssey of Homer. Ann Arbor: The University of Michigan Press, 2002. Pp. 432; maps 3. $27.95. ISBN 0-472-08854-8.

*Morford, Mark, The Roman Philosophers. From the time of Cato the Censor to the death of Marcus Aurelius. New York: Routledge, 2002. Pp. 288. $70.00. ISBN 0-415-18851-2.

*Panzram, Sabine, Stadtbild und Elite: Tarraco, Corduba und Augusta Emerita zwischen Republik und Spätantike. Historia Einzelschriften 161. Stuttgart: Franz Steiner, 2002. Pp. 388. EUR 76.00. ISBN 3-515-08039-2.

*Pomeroy, Sarah, Spartan Women. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2002. Pp. 198. $19.95 (pb). ISBN 0-19-513067-7.

*Rijk, L.M. de, Aristotle. Semantics and Ontology. Volume Two: The Metaphysics. Semantics in Aristotle's Strategy of Argument. Philosophia Antiqua XCI/II. Leiden: Brill, 2002. Pp. 498. EUR 139.00/ $162.00. ISBN 90-04-12467-5.

*Schibli, Hermann S., Hierocles of Alexandria. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2002. Pp. 350. $98.00. ISBN 0-19-924921-0.

*Schuol, Monica, Udo Hardmann and Andreas Luther, Grenzüberschreitungen. Formen des Kontakts zwischen Orient und Okzident im Altertum. Oriens et Occidens 3. Stuttgart: Franz Steiner, 2002. Pp. 414; pls. 4. EUR 76.00. ISBN 3-515-07962-9.

*van Dam, Raymond, Kingdom of Snow. Roman Rule and Greek Culture in Cappadocia. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2002. Pp. 336. $49.95. ISBN 0-8122-3681-5.

*von Möllendorff, Peter, Aristophanes. Olms Studienbücher 10. Hildesheim: Georg Olms, 2002. Pp. 223. EUR 16.80. ISBN 3-487-11487-9.

Walbank, Frank W., Polybius, Rome and the Hellenistic World. Essays and Reflections. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2002. Pp. 368. $60.00. ISBN 0-521-81208-9.

*Winter, Bruce W., Philo and Paul among the Sophists. Alexandrian and Corinthian Responses to a Julio-Claudian Movement. Second Edition. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2002. Pp. xix, 302. $32.00. ISBN 0-8028-3977-0.

*Wiseman, T.P. (ed.), Classics in Progress. Essays on Ancient Greece and Rome. Published for the British Academy by Oxford University Press. 2002. Pp. 451. $72.00. ISBN 0-19-726270-8.


*Cannatà Fera, M. and D'Alessio, G.B. (edd.). I lirici greci: Forme della comunicazione e storia del testo. Atti dell'Incontro di Studi Messina 5-6 novembre 1999. Pelorias 8. Messina: Dipartimento di Scienze dell'Antichità dell'Università degli Studi di Messina, 2001. Pp. 205. ISBN 88-8268-007-X.

*Clarke, G., et al., Jebel Khalid on the Euphrates. Report on Excavations 1986-1996. Volume One. ( Mediterranean Archaeology Supplement 5. Sydney: Meditarch, 2002. Pp. 338; pls. 58. $115.00. ISBN 0-9580265-0-5.

*Coffta, David Joseph. The Influence of Callimachean Aesthetics on the Satires and Odes of Horace. Lewiston, NY: The Edwin Mellen Press, 2002. Pp. 206. $109.95 (web discount price: $87.96). ISBN 0-7734-7247-9.

*Giordano, Fausto (ed.). L'idea di Roma nella cultura antica. Pubblicazioni dell'Università degli Studi di Salerno, Sezione Atti Convegni Miscellanee, 58. Napoli: Edizioni Scientifiche Italiane, 2001. Pp. 422. EUR 26.86. ISBN 88-8114-977-X.

*Graumann, Lutz Alexander. Die Krankengeschichten der Epidemienbücher des Corpus Hippocraticum. Medizinhistorische Bedeutung und Möglichkeiten der retrospektiven Diagnose. Aachen: Shaker Verlag, 2000. Pp. 272. ISBN 3-8265-8216-0.

*Guido, Rosanna (ed.). Guiliano Imperatore. Al cinico Eraclio. Università degli studi di Lecce, Dipartimento di filologia classica e di scienze filosofiche. Testi e studi 13. Galatina (Lecce): M. Congedo, 2000. Pp. xxxviii, 206. ISBN 88-8086-350-9.

*Heitsch, Ernst. Platon. Apologie des Sokrates. Platon. Werke. Übersetzung und Kommentar, 12. Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Repurecht, 2002. Pp. 216. EUR 36.00. ISBN 3-525-30401-3.

*McKechnie, Paul (ed.). Thinking like a Lawyer. Essays on Legal History and General History for John Crook on his Eightieth Birthday. Mnemosyne Suppl. 231. Leiden: Brill, 2002. Pp. xii, 301. ISBN 90-04-12474-8. 62. EUR 18.00. ISBN 3-598-77560-1.

*Nikitinski ( , Oleg. A. Persius Flaccus. Saturae. Commentario atque indice rerum notabilium. Accedunt testimonia de Persio saec. XIV-XX. München/Leipzig: K.G. Saur, 2002. Pp. 365. EUR 64.00. ISBN 3-598-74293-2.

*Spielvogel, Jörg, Wirtschaft und Geld bei Aristophanes. Untersuchungen zu den ökonomischen Bedingungen in Athen im bergang vom 5. zum 4. Jh. v.Chr. Frankfurter Althistorische Beiträge, Band 8. Frankfurt am Main: Buchverlag Marthe Clauss, 2001. Pp. 231. ISBN 3-934040-05-5.

*Sporn, Katja. Heiligtümer und Kulte Kretas in klassischer und hellenistischer Zeit. Studien zu antiken Heiligtümer, 3. Heidelberg: Archäologie und Geschichte, 2002. Pp. 416; pls. 30. ISBN 3-935289-00-6.

*Temporini-Gräfin Vitzthum, Hildegard (ed.), Die Kaiserinnen Roms von Livia bis Theodora. München: C.H. Beck, 2002. Pp. 541; ills. 58. EUR 30.80. ISBN 3-406-49513-3.

*Toner, Jerry, Rethinking Roman History. Cambridge: Oleander, 2002. Pp. 138. $15.00. ISBN 0-906672-49-X.


*Harrison, Thomas, Greek and Barbarians. New York: Routledge, 2002. Pp. 336. ISBN 0-415-93959-3.

*Reinhold, Meyer, Studies in Classical History and Society. American Classical Studies, 45. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2002. Pp. 151. ISBN 0-19-514543-7.


Aigner, Thomas, Barbara Mauritsch-Bein, and Werner Petermandl, Laufen. Texte, Übersetzungen, Kommentar. Quellendokumentation zur Gymnastik und Agonistik im Altertum, Bd. 7. Wien: Bóhlau, 2002. Pp. iv, 583. EUR 85.00. ISBN 3-205-99116-8.

Cohen, David (ed.), Demokratie, Recht und soziale Kontrolle im klassischen Athen. München: Oldenbourg, 2002. Pp. vi, 206. EUR 44.80. ISBN 3-486-56662-8.

Habermehl, Peter, et al. (trans., comm.), Apuleius. Über die Magie. Berlin: Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, 2002. Pp. 376. EUR 32.00. ISBN 3-534-14946-7.

Motschmann, Cornelius, Die Religionspolitik Marc Aurels. Stuttgart: Franz Steiner, 2002. Pp. 296. EUR 74.00. ISBN 3-515-08166-6.

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