Bryn Mawr Classical Review

Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2001.09.44

Galinsky on Thomas and McGill.   Response to 2001.09.30

Response by Karl Galinsky, Dept. of Classics, University of Texas at Austin (

In connection with BMCR 01.09.30: Thomas on McGill on Thomas: Response to BMCR 01.08.23, I would like to inform the readers of Thomas' book and of McGill's review in BMCR of the following erratum notice the Cambridge University Press issued earlier this month:


The author and the publisher very much regret an error in the displayed quotation on page 292 , reproduced from Karl Galinsky, "The anger of Aeneas," AJP 109 (1988) 323. Lines 8-13 of the displayed quotation from "suspends them from his chariot" to "... thug" should have been in quotation marks since they are themselves quoted by Galinsky. The citation for these lines was also omitted: M M. Willcock, "Battle Scenes in the Aeneid," PCPS 209 n.s. 29 (1983) 94.

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