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Bryn Mawr Classical Review 1999.11.09

Books Received.  

Aldrete, Gregory S., Gestures and Acclamations in Ancient Rome. Baltimore and London: The Johns Hopkins U. Press, 1999. Pp. xxv, 227. ISBN 0-8018-6132-2.

Aretz, Susanne, Die Opferung der Iphigeneia in Aulis. Leipzig: Teubner, 1999. Pp. 553. ISBN 3-519-07680-2.

Bertrand, Jean-Marie, De L'Ecriture à L'Oralité: Lectures des Lois de Platon. Paris: Publications de la Sorbonne, 1999. Pp. 470. ISBN 2-85944-372-x.

Brandt, Hartwin (ed.), Gedeutete Realität. Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag,1999. Pp. 151. DM 88. ISBN 3-515-07519-4.

Breyfogle, Todd (ed.), Literary Imagination, Ancient and Modern: Essays in Honor of David Grene. Chicago: U. of Chicago Press, 1999. Pp. 405. $19.00 (pb). ISBN0-226-07425-0.

Claassen, Jo-Marie, Displaced Persons: The Literature of Exile from Cicero to Boethius. London: Gerald Duckworth and Co. Ltd., 1999. Pp. viii, 352. £16.95. ISBN 0-7156-2919-0.

Cook, J. M. and R. V. Nicholls, Old Smyrna Excavations: The Temples of Athena. London, British School at Athens, 1998. Pp. xxviii, 214, 30 pls. £50.00. ISBN 0-904887-28-6.

Dale, A.M., Euripedes: Alcestis. London: Bristol Classical Press, 1999. Pp. xl, 130. £12.95. ISBN 1-85399-597-5.

Döpp, Siegmar, Antike Rhetorik und ihre Rezeption. Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag, 1999. Pp. 181. DM 88. ISBN 3-515-07524-0.

Dover, K. J., Thucydides Book VI. London: Bristol Classical Press, 1999. Pp.xxix, 111. £11.95. ISBN 1-85399-587-8.

Dupont, Florence, The Invention of Literature: From Greek Intoxication to the Latin Book. Translated by Janet Lloyd. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins U. Press, 1999. Pp.xi, 287. $48.00. ISBN 0-8018-5864-x.

Fajen, Fritz, Oppianus Halievtica. Stuttgart and Leipzig: Teubner, 1999. Pp. xvi, 407. ISBN 3-519-04290-8.

Felgentreu, Fritz, Claudians Praefationes. Leipzig: Teubner, 1999. Pp. 263. ISBN 3-519-07679-9.

Foley, John Miles, Homer's Traditional Art. University Park: The Pennsylvania State U. Press, 1999. Pp. xviii, 363. $48.50. ISBN 0-271-01870-4.

Giordano, Manuela, La Parola Efficace: Maledizioni, Giuramenti e Benedizioni nella Grecia Arcaica. Pisa: Instituti Editoriali e Poligrafici Internazionali, 1999. Pp. 70. ISBN 88-8147-153-1.

Goodwin, John (ed.), Catullus: The Shorter Poems. Aris, 1999. £16.50. ISBN 0-85668-715-4.

Griffith, Mark (ed.), Sophocles: Antigone. Cambridge: Cambridge U. Press, 1999. Pp. xii, 366. ISBN 0-521-33056-4.

Haward, Anne, Art and the Romans. London: Bristol Classical Press, 1999. Pp. ix, 99. £8.98. ISBN 1-85399-558-4.

Heinze, Richard, Virgil's Epic Technique. London: Bristol Classical Press, 1993. Pp. xiv, 401. £16.95. ISBN 1-85399-579-7.

Hodkinson, Stephen and Anton Powell (edd.), Sparta: New Perspectives. London: Gerald Duckworth and Co. Ltd., 1999. Pp. xxvi, 427. £48. ISBN 0-7156-2908-5.

Huss, Bernhard, Xenophon's Symposium: Ein Kommentar. Leipzig: Teubner, 1999. Pp. 493. ISBN 3-519-07674-8.

Jashemski, Wilhelmina Feemster, A Pompeian Herbal: Ancient and Modern Medicinal Plants. Austin: U. of Texas Press, 1999. Pp. xiii, 107. ISBN 0-292-74060-3.

Johnson, Laurin R., Shining in the Ancient Sea: The Astronomical Ancestry of Homer's Odyssey. Portland: Multnoma House Press, 1999. Pp. 156. ISBN 0-9669828-0-0.

Johnston, David, Roman Law in Context. Cambridge: Cambridge U. Press, 1999. Pp. ix, 153. $54.95. ISBN 0-521-63046-0.

Jones, Alexander, Astronomical Papyri from Oxyrhynchus vols 1 and 2. Philadelphia: American Philosophical Society, 1999. Pp. xii, 471; XII pls. ISBN 0-87169-233-9.

Knapp, Robert and Pamela Vaughn, Finis Rei Publica: Eyewitnesses to the End of the Roman Republic, An Intermediate Latin Text. Newburyport, MA: Focus Publishing, 1999. Pp. xviii, 176. $26.95. ISBN 0-941051-75-7.

Külzer, Andreas, Disputationes Graecae contra Iudaeos. Leipzig: Teubner, 1999. Pp. 400. ISBN 3-519-07741-8.

Leonhardt, Jürgen, Ciceros Kritik der Philosophenschulen in Zetemata, Heft 103. München: C.H. Beck Verlag, 1999. Pp. 229. ISBN 3-406-44729-5.

Luginbill, Robert D., Thucydides on War and National Character. Boulder: Westview Press, 1999. Pp. vii, 232. $55.00. ISBN 0-8133-3644-9.

Maiullari, Franco, L'interpretazione anamorfica dell'Edipo Re. Pisa: Istituti Editoriali e Poligrafici Internazionali, 1999. Pp. xix, 482. ISBN 88-8147-158-2.

Mattern, Susan P., Rome and the Enemy: Imperial Strategy in the Principate. Berkeley: U. of California Press, 1999. Pp. xviii, 277, 1 map. $35.00. ISB N0-520-21166-9.

Matthews, Gareth B., Socratic Perplexity and the Nature of Philosophy. Oxford: Oxford U. Press, 1999. Pp. 137. $29.95. ISBN 0-19-823828-2.

Morgan, Llewelyn, Patterns of Redemption in Virgil's 'Georgics'. Cambridge: U.of Cambridge Press, 1999. Pp. 255. $59.95. ISBN 0-521-65166-2.

Morley, Neville, Writing Ancient History. Ithaca: Cornell U. Press, 1999. Pp. 175. $14.95. ISBN 0-8014-8633-5.

Mossman, Judith, Wild Justice: A Study of Euripedes' Hecuba. London: Bristol Classical Press, 1999. Pp. xiii, 283. £13.95. ISBN 1-85399-596-7.

Münzer, Friedrich, Roman Aristocratic Parties and Families. Translated by Thérèse Ridley. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins U. Press, 1999. Pp. lvii, 486. $68.00. ISBN 0-8018-5990-5.

Pina Polo, Francisco, La Crisis de la República (133-44 a.C.). Madrid: Editorial Síntesis, 1999. Pp. 254. ISBN 84-7738-673-0.

Schröder, Wilt Aden, Spudasmata: Der Altertumswissenschaftler Eduard Norden. Hildesheim: Georg Olms Verlag, 1999. Pp. 213. DM 74. ISBN 3-487-11013-x.

Seyfarth, W. (ed.), Ammianus Marcellinus I. Leipzig: Teubner, 1999. Pp. l, 380. ISBN 3-519-01976-0.

Seyfarth, W. (ed.), Ammianus Marcellinus II. Leipzig: Teubner, 1999. Pp. 248. ISBN 3-519-01977-9.

Thöne, Cornella, Ikonographische Studien zu Nike im 5. Jahrhundert v.Chr. Heidelberg: Verlag Archäologie und Geschichte, 1999. Pp. 162, 12 pls. DM 90. ISBN 3-980-4648-2-2.

Tournavitou, Iphiyenia, The 'Ivory Houses' at Mycenae. London: The British School at Athens, 1995. Pp. xx, 341, 39 pls. ISBN 0-904887-12-X.

Visser, Edward, Homers Katalog der Schiffe. Leipzig: Teubner, 1997. Pp. ix, 792. ISBN 3-519-07442-7.

Wells, Peter S., The Barbarians Speak: How the Conquered Peoples Shaped Roman Europe. Princeton: Princeton U. Press, 1999. Pp. xii, 335. $29.95. ISBN 0-691-05871-7.

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