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Bryn Mawr Classical Review 1999.04.05


Editor Harrison Eiteljorg, II (

The Bryn Mawr Electronic Resources Review is an electronic journal for reviews of electronic resources having to do with antiquity. Antiquity is here broadly defined, but the focus is on the classical world. By electronic resources, we mean Web sites and CDs, at least until a new medium replaces one or both.

The Bryn Mawr Electronic Resources Review commenced operations on March 30. Reviews and notices of reviews posted on the BMERR Web site were sent out on that date. All reviews sent can be access through the BMERR web site

There are two email lists for subscribers -- one for those who would like to receive full reviews via email in the manner of BMCR and one for those who would prefer only an announcement with the URL for the Web-posted review. The list called bmerra-l is for those wanting the entire review to arrive as email. The list called bmerrb-l is for those preferring to receive only a notice of the review, with the URL for it.

To subscribe to either list, send mail to

For the full-text list, say only subscribe bmerra-l in the message. No subject is necessary.

For the announcements and URL list, say only subscribe bmerrb-l In the message. No subject is necessary.

Reviews may also be accessed directly by visiting the Web site for BMERR, The names of the members of the Editorial Board and the guidelines for contributors may also be found there.

Reviews will be produced on an irregular basis, and we encourage readers to suggest items for review, to volunteer comments about reviews, or to volunteer to review sites or CDs (whether already reviewed or not).

If you have any questions or comments, please contact the editor, Harrison Eiteljorg, II, at

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