Bryn Mawr Classical Review

Bryn Mawr Classical Review 1998.11.31

Nesselrath on Cartledge on Dobrov.   Response to 1998.11.10

Response by H.-G. Nesselrath, University of Bern (Switzerland)

If Professor Cartledge had deigned to have just one closer look at my book on Middle Comedy, he would have recognized that my paper in Dobrov's The City as Comedy is not "mostly a bare-bones summary" of that book. The focus of my paper is totally different, and not one of the fragments I deal with in a detailed fashion in my paper is treated at any length in the book. So why mislead readers to expect something they will not find? I've really got no time to produce summaries of my own books; the only satisfactory summary of Mittlere Komödie in English was written by Jeff Rusten and can be found in BMCR 2.2.12.

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