Bryn Mawr Classical Review 97.8.12

Invitation to Prospective Contributors

BMCR's editors wish to invite contributions of a sort different from our traditional reviews. In so doing, we hope to extend the meaning of the "book review journal" in cyberspace.

We have always emphasized timely reviews: books reviewed within twelve months of publication are the norm here.

So now we wish to suggest reviews of books published at least 20 years ago. That is, we invite contributions that return to a given book and review again the contribution in light of a decade or more of readership. We do not seek reviews of an area of scholarship, but specific discussion of individual titles and their value and impact. 20 years is only the minimum age: there's no reason to set a maximum.

We prefer such reviews be proposed to the editors in advance. Reviews of this form will be referred to our board of editors for peer review.

We will only publish hitherto unpublished work, but as always are happy to permit further republication subsequent to BMCR appearance. As usual, we will seek to be assured that conflicts of interest do not exist: in other words, praise for former teachers should be clearly labeled as such, but will not normally be published.

Contributions may be addressed to the editors:

Rick Hamilton,
Jim O'Donnell,