Bryn Mawr Classical Review 96.10.15

Corrigenda et Addenda Varia

Your editors are traditionalists and emulate Homer, his improvisations and his nods. We occasionally gain due notice for the nods, and here we amend two of them, and add a response that supplements a recent review. The corrigenda are also made on the archive texts of the reviews at the gopher/WWW site.

1. In BMCR 96.10.10, J. Wilhelm James was not the editor of *Gay and Lesbian Poetry*, but rather James J. Wilhelm.

2. In BMCR 96.9.12, Nicole Loraux's *The Experiences of Tiresias* was translated by Paula Wissing. We particularly regret this omission and ask to be called down in future whenever we neglect the noble work of translators.

3. Finally, Professor Donald Mastronarde writes:

The review of my Introduction to Attic Greek: An Electronic Workbook (BMCR 96.9.13) again (as in BMCR 95.2.11) expressed the justified desire that the student be given a chance to type Greek answers. There is now available a bonus module (developed too late for inclusion in the disks released by the press) that satisfies this desire. It allows the student to type in brief Greek answers with diacritics, even on a Mac that does not have the GreekKeys keyboard installed.

Information about obtaining this module may be found by going to and clicking on the heading for Introduction to Attic Greek.

At the same site will be found information about bugs in the release version (how to work around them or get a fixed version) and a demo version, free for downloading.

Donald Mastronarde