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O’Donnell, Hamilton, and Conybeare on [Anon.] on [Name Deleted]

BMCR 2023.03.01

Books received February 2023

BMCR 2023.03.02

The Routledge handbook of the senses in the ancient Near East

Kiersten Neumann, Allison Thomason  / Routledge, 2022

Reviewed by Nassos Papalexandrou

BMCR 2023.03.04

Cicero’s political personae

Joanna Kenty  / Cambridge University Press, 2020

Reviewed by Fabio Avesani

BMCR 2023.03.05

Falerii Veteres. Il sepolcreto di Montarano: scavi, materiali e contesti

Giovanni Ligabue  / Giorgio Bretschneider, 2022

Reviewed by Seth Bernard

BMCR 2023.03.06

Lemaire, Panckoucke, Nisard: trois collections d’auteurs latins sous la Restauration et la monarchie de Juillet

Guillaume Flamerie de Lachapelle  / Éditions Ausonius, 2021

Reviewed by Pascale Paré-Rey

BMCR 2023.03.07

Visualizing the poetry of Statius: an intertextual approach

Christopher Chinn  / Brill, 2021

Reviewed by Samuel Douglas

BMCR 2023.03.08

The invention of Byzantium in early modern Europe

Nathanael Aschenbrenner, Jake Ransohoff  / Dumbarton Oaks, 2021

Reviewed by Stephanos Efthymiadis

BMCR 2023.03.09

Tragic heroines in ancient Greek drama

Hanna M. Roisman  / Bloomsbury, 2021

Reviewed by Laura McClure

BMCR 2023.03.10

Silius Italicus and the tradition of the Roman historical epos

Antony Augoustakis, Marco Fucecchi  / Brill, 2022

Reviewed by Vicente Flores Militello

BMCR 2023.03.11

Kant et Platon: lectures, confrontations, héritages

Elena Partene, Dimitri El Murr  / Vrin, 2022

Reviewed by John V. Garner

BMCR 2023.03.12

Griechische Papyri aus der Sammlung des Louvre (P. Louvre III)

Andrea Jördens  / Habelt Verlag, 2022

Reviewed by Eleanor Dickey

BMCR 2023.03.13

Cicero’s Rede pro L. Cornelio Balbo: Einleitung und Kommentar

Malte Helfberend  / De Gruyter, 2022

Reviewed by Andrew R. Dyck

BMCR 2023.03.14

From Homer to Solon: continuity and change in archaic Greece

Johannes C. Bernhardt, Mirko Canevaro  / Brill, 2022

Reviewed by Evan Vance

BMCR 2023.03.15

Tacitean visual narrative

Philip Waddell  / Bloomsbury, 2020

Reviewed by Gerjanne van den Berg

BMCR 2023.03.16

Between Byzantine men: desire, homosociality, and brotherhood in the Medieval empire

Mark Masterson  / Routledge, 2022

Reviewed by Charis Messis

BMCR 2023.03.17

Gendered politics in Sophocles’ Trachiniae

Gesthimani Seferiadi  / Bloomsbury, 2022

Reviewed by Marina Galetaki

BMCR 2023.03.18

King of the world: the life of Cyrus the Great

Matt Waters  / Oxford University Press, 2022

Reviewed by Paul Brazinski

BMCR 2023.03.19

Trajan: Rome’s last conqueror

Nicholas Jackson  / Greenhill Books, 2022

Reviewed by Anna Kouremenos

BMCR 2023.03.20

South by southeast: the history and archaeology of southeast Crete from Myrtos to Kato Zakros

Emilia Oddo, Konstantinos Chalikias  / Archaeopress, 2022

Reviewed by Luca Girella