BMCR 2022.08.01

Books received July 2022

This list contains all books and notifications of new books received in July 2022 by BMCR; some books listed here may already have been assigned to reviewers. To volunteer to review a book, please visit this page, where you will find a complete list of books available for review, including those still available from previous months. Please allow at least a couple of weeks for us to reply to your request.


Natalie Abell, Ayia Irini: Area B. Keos, 12. Atlanta: Lockwood Press, 2021. Pp. xvii, 398. ISBN 9781948488570. $99.50.

Marina Albertocchi, Maddalena Pizzo, Gela. Il Thesmophorion di Bitalemi: la fase arcaica, scavi P. Orlandini 1963-1967. Monumenti antichi, 27. Rome: Giorgio Bretschneider, 2022. Pp. 820. ISBN 9788876893360. €170,00.

Jean-Marie André, François Guillaumont, Gérard Freyburger, Anne-Laure Gallon-Sauvage, Cicéron. De la divination: volume 1, book 1. Série latine de la Collection des universités de France, 434. Paris: Les Belles Lettres, 2022. Pp. cliv, 188. ISBN 9782251014944. €42,00.

Vili Apostolakou, Philip P. Betancourt, Thomas M. Brogan, Bramiana: salvaging information from a destroyed Minoan settlement in southeast Crete. Prehistory monographs, 66. Philadelphia: INSTAP Academic Press, 2021. Pp. 210. ISBN 9781931534307. $80.00.

Antony Augoustakis, Marco Fucecchi, Silius Italicus and the tradition of the Roman historical epos. Mnemosyne supplements, 458. Boston: Brill, 2022. Pp. xii, 299. ISBN 9789004518490. $127.00.

Anna Magdalena Blomley, A landscape of conflict? Rural fortifications in the Argolid (400–146 BC). Abingdon: Archaeopress, 2022. Pp. 328. ISBN 9781789699708. £55.00.

William M. Barton, Pascasius Justus Turcq. ‘On Gambling’. Lynx, 1. Gent: Lysa, 2022. Pp. 284. ISBN 9789464447668. €39,00.

Clément Bur, Michel Humm, Caton l’Ancien et l’hellénisme: images, traditions et réception. Paris: De Boccard, 2021. Pp. 252. ISBN 9782701806396. €59,00.

Anthony J. Celano, Robert Kilwardby’s commentary on the ‘Ethics’ of Aristotle. Studien und Texte zur Geistesgeschichte des Mittelalters, 132. Leiden; Boston: Brill, 2022. Pp. viii, 276. ISBN 9789004511484. $148.00.

Duncan B. Campbell, Deploying a Roman Army: the ‘Ektaxis kat’ Alanôn’ of Arrian. Glasgow: Quirinus Editions, 2022. Pp. xiv, 214. ISBN 9798803868620. £15.99.

Maxime Chapuis, Figures de la marginalité dans la pensée grecque: autour de la tradition cynique. Les Anciens et les Modernes, 50. Paris: Classiques Garnier, 2021. Pp. 430. ISBN 9782406124283. €48,00.

Lucie Claire, Marc-Antoine Muret, lecteur de Tacite: éditer et commenter les Annales à la Renaissance. Travaux d’Humanisme et Renaissance, 635. Geneva: Droz, 2022. Pp. 616. ISBN 9782600058605. $105.60.

Eleri H. Cousins, Dynamic epigraphy: new approaches to inscriptions. Oxford; Havertown: Oxbow, 2022. Pp. ix, 221. ISBN 9781789257892. $55.00.

Jeroen De Kayser, Noreen Humble, Keith Sidwell, Henri Estienne. ‘On Books’. LYSA Neo-Latin texts, 2. Gent: Lysa, 2022. Pp. 488. ISBN 9789464447675. €38,00.

Daniel Delattre, Philodème de Gadara. Sur la mort: book IV. Paris: Les Belles Lettres, 2022. Pp. clxiii, 192. ISBN 9782251006482. €62,00.

Mattia De Poli, Pietro Vesentin, Il mostro dagli occhi verdi: studi sulla gelosia nel teatro antico (e moderno). Drama, Neue Serie, 22. Tübingen: Narr Francke Attempto, 2022. Pp. 338. ISBN 9783823385486. €78,00.

Michael Edwards, Athanasios Efstathiou, Eleni Volanaki, Ioanna Karamanou, The agōn in classical literature. London: University of London Press, 2022. Pp. 236. ISBN 9781905670994. £80.00.

Matthew Dillon, Christopher Matthew, Religion and classical warfare: the Roman empire. Barnsley: Pen and Sword Military, 2022. Pp. 284. ISBN 9781473834309. $49.95.

Vassilis Evangelidis, The archaeology of Roman Macedonia: urban and rural environments. Oxford: Oxbow, 2022. Pp. 224. ISBN 9781789258011. $59.99.

Emilia Mataix Ferrandiz, Shipwrecks, legal landscapes, and Mediterranean paradigms: gone under sea. Mnemosyne supplements, 456. Leiden; Boston: Brill, 2022. Pp. viii, 244. ISBN 9789004514980. $131.00.

Christophe Feyel, Laetitia Graslin-Thomé, Les derniers Séleucides et leur territoire. Études nancéennes d’histoire grecque, 4. Nancy: ADRA, 2021. Pp. 498. ISBN 9782913667648. €30,00.

Calliope E. Galanaki, Gournes, Pediada: a Minoan cemetery in Crete. Prehistory monographs, 63. Philadelphia: INSTAP Academic Press,, 2021. Pp. 460. ISBN 9781931534260. $80.00.

Maria Georgopoulou, The free and the brave American: philhellenes and the “Glorious Struggle of the Greeks”. Athens: American School of Classical Studies at Athens, 2021. Pp. 237. ISBN 9789609994552. $45.00.

Russell E. Gmirkin, Plato’s ‘Timaeus’ and the Biblical creation accounts: cosmic monotheism and terrestrial polytheism in the primordial history. Copenhagen international seminar. Abingdon; New York: Routledge, 2022. Pp. xv, 344. ISBN 9781032020822. $128.00.

Sofia Greaves, Andrew Wallace-Hadrill, Rome and the colonial city: rethinking the grid. Impact of the ancient city. Havertown: Oxbow, 2022. Pp. 432. ISBN 9781789257809. $80.00.

Elpida Hadjidaki-Marder, The Minoan shipwreck at Pseira, Crete. Prehistory monographs, 65. Philadelphia: INSTAP Academic Press, 2021. Pp. 154. ISBN 9781931534291. $80.00.

Martin Hallmannsecker, Roman Ionia: constructions of cultural identity in western Asia Minor. Cambridge; New York: Cambridge University Press, 2022. pp. xvi, 308. ISBN 9781009150187. £75.00.

R.J. Hankinson, Matyáš Havrda, Galen’s epistemology: experience, reason, and method in ancient medicine. Cambridge; New York: Cambridge University Press, 2022. Pp. 348. ISBN 9781316513484. $99.99.

John W. Hayes, Kathleen Warner Slane, Isthmia. Late Classical, Hellenistic, and Roman pottery. Isthmia, 11. Athens; Princeton: American School of Classical Studies at Athens, 2022. Pp. 440. ISBN 9780876619162. $150.00.

Liz Henty, Exploring archaeoastronomy: a history of its relationship with archaeology and esotericism. Havertown: Oxbow, 2022. Pp. 288. ISBN 9781789257861. $55.00.

Rebecca J. Henzel, Honores inauditi: Ehrenstatuen in öffentlichen Räumen Siziliens vom Hellenismus bis in die Spätantike. Cultural interactions in the Mediterranean, 6. Leiden; Boston: Brill, 2022. Pp. xxxi, 723. ISBN 9789004504639. $238.00.

Peter Higgs, Metopes of the Temple of Apollo Epikourios at Bassai: new discoveries and interpretations. London: University of London Press, 202. Pp. 368. ISBN 9781914477416. £55.00.

Henryk Hoffmann, Latin in modern fiction: who says it’s a dead language? Wilmington: Vernon Press, 2021. Pp. xx, 286. ISBN 9781622739493. $61.00.

Günther Hölbl, Athanasia Kanta, Costis Davaras, Philip Betancourt, The shrine of Eileithyia: Minoan goddess of childbirth and motherhood at the Inatos cave in southern Crete. Prehistory monographs, 69. Philadelphia: INSTAP Academic Press, 2022. Pp. xiv, 112. ISBN 9781931534345. $80.00.

Karel Innemée, Value of a human life: ritual killing and human sacrifice in antiquity. Palma. Leiden; Havertown: Sidestone Press, 2022. Pp. 160. ISBN 9789464260571. €95,00.

Brad Inwood, Later Stoicism 155 BC to AD 200: an introduction and collection of sources in translation. Cambridge source books in post-Hellenistic philosophy. Cambridge; New York: Cambridge University Press, 2022. Pp. xii, 583. ISBN 9781107029798. £130.00.

Leopoldo Iribarren, Hugo Koning, Hesiod and the beginnings of Greek philosophy. Mnemosyne supplements, 455. Leiden; Boston: Brill, 2022. Pp. x, 355. ISBN 9789004513914. $143.00.

Nicholas Jackson, Trajan: Rome’s last conqueror. Barnsley: Greenhill Books, 2022. Pp. 320. ISBN 9781784387075. $37.95.

Athanasia Kanta, Costis Davaras, Philip P. Betancourt, Honors to Eileithyia at ancient Inatos: the sacred cave at Tsoutsouros, Crete. Philadelphia: INSTAP Academic Press, 2022. Pp. xvi, 187. ISBN 9781931534314. $80.00.

Noah Kaye, The Attalids of Pergamon and Anatolia: money, culture, and state power. Cambridge; New York: Cambridge University Press, 2022. Pp. xviii, 444. ISBN 9781316510599. $135.00.

Philipp Kobusch, Der Innenraum hellenistischer Tempel: ein Ort rituellen und sozialen Handelns. Wiesbaden: Reichert Verlag, 2022. Pp. 320. ISBN 9783752000092. €118,00.

Jason König, Folds of Olympus: mountains in ancient Greek and Roman culture. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2022. Pp. 480. ISBN 9780691201290. $45.00.

Nikos D. Kontogiannis, Byzantine fortifications: protecting the Roman empire in the east. Barnsley; Havertown: Pen and Sword Military, 2022. Pp. 288. ISBN 9781526710253. $42.95.

Jacob L. Mackey, Belief and cult: rethinking Roman religion. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2022. Pp. xxi, 468. ISBN 9780691165080. $45.00.

Giuseppina Magnaldi, Illuminare i testi: la parola-segnale nelle tradizioni manoscritte di prosatori latini. Lexis supplements, 7. Venice: Edizioni Ca’Foscani, 2022. Pp. 124. ISBN 9788869696060. €32,00.

Stuart W. Manning, Critical approaches to Cypriot and wider Mediterranean archaeology. Monographs in Mediterranean archaeology, 16. Bristol: Equinox, 2022. Pp. 364. ISBN 9781800500594. £95.00.

Antonio María Martín Rodríguez, “Linguisticae Dissertationes”: current perspectives on Latin grammar, lexicon and pragmatics. Bibliotheca Linguae Latinae, 9. Madrid: Ediciones Clásicas, 2021. Pp. 884. ISBN 9788478828685. €45,00.

Attilio Mastrocinque, The Mithraic prophecy. BAR International Series, 3074. Oxford: BAR Publishing, 2022. Pp. vii, 105. ISBN 9781407359137. £29.00.

Javier Martínez Jiménez, Sam Ottewill-Soulsby, Remembering and forgetting the ancient city. Impact of the ancient city. Oxford; Havertown: Oxbow, 2022. Pp. 360. ISBN 9781789258165. $80.00.

Robert Mayhew, David C. Mirhady, Tiziano Dorandi, Stephen White, Clearchus of Soli: the sources, text, and translation. Rutgers University studies in classical humanities. Abingdon; New York: Routledge, 2022. Pp. 622. ISBN 9780367706814. $128.00.

Kevin M. McGeough, Representations of antiquity in film: from Griffith to grindhouse. Discourses in ancient Near Eastern and Biblical studies. Sheffield; Bristol: Equinox, 2022. Pp. xiv, 378. ISBN 9781781799819. $110.00.

James D. Moore, New Aramaic papyri from Elephantine in Berlin. Studies on Elephantine, 1. Leiden; Boston: Brill, 2022. Pp. xiii, 261. ISBN 9789004505575. €99.00.

Lyvia Morgan, Wall paintings and social context: the Northeast Bastion at Ayia Irini. Keos, 11. Philadelphia: INSTAP Academic Press, 2020. Pp. xxxii, 533. ISBN 9781931534970. $80.00.

Joanne M.A. Murphy, Jerolyn E. Morrison, Kleronomia: legacy and inheritance. Prehistory monographs, 61. Philadelphia: INSTAP Academic Press, 2022. Pp. 310. ISBN 9781931534284. $80.00.

P.J. O’Gorman, Britain and Rome: Caesar to Claudius. Havertown: Pen and Sword Military, 2022. Pp. 224. ISBN 9781526769510. $34.95.

Andreas P. Parpas, The maritime economy of ancient Cyprus in terms of the New Institutional Economics. Archaeopress archaeology. Oxford: Archaeopress, 2022. Pp. xii, 287. ISBN 9781803272474. £58.00.

Elena Partene, Dimitri El Murr, Kant et Platon: lectures, confrontations, héritages. Bibliothèque d’histoire de la philosophie. Paris: Vrin, 2022. Pp. 232. ISBN 9782711630509. €19,00.

Michael Philip Penn, Scott Fitzgerald Johnson, Christine Shepardson, Charles M. Stang, Invitation to Syriac Christianity: an anthology. Oakland: University of California Press, 2022. Pp. xxi, 431. ISBN 9780520299191. $150.00.

Leah Reynolds, Roman rural settlement in Wales and the Marches: approaches to settlement and material culture through big data. BAR British Series, 670. Oxford: BAR Publishing, 2022. Pp. xix, 177. ISBN 9781407358963. £46.00.

Mike Roberts, Alexander the Great’s legacy: the decline of Macedonian Europe in the wake of the wars of the successors. Barnsley: Pen and Sword Military, 2022. Pp. 320. ISBN 9781526788528. $42.95.

Damian Robinson, Franck Goddio, Constructing, remaking and dismantling sacred landscapes in Lower Egypt from the Late Dynastic to Early Medieval period. Oxford Centre for Maritime Archaeology monograph series, 11. Oxford: Oxford Centre for Maritime Archaeology, 2021. Pp. xii, 204. ISBN 9781998994304. $67.95.

Sandra Rodríguez Piedrabuena, Caracterización y cortesía en Eurípides. Zaragoza: Libros Pórtico, 2022. Pp. 297. ISBN 9788479562137. €32.00.

Corinna Rossi, Egypt, Greece, and Rome: a history of space and places. Routledge focus on classical studies. Abingdon; New York: Routledge, 2022. Pp. xii, 130. ISBN 9781032185996. $47.96.

Stefan Röttig, Affekt und Wille: Senecas Ethik und ihre handlungspsychologische Fundierung. Philosophia Romana, 4. Heidelberg: Universitätsverlag Winter, 2022. Pp. 388. ISBN 9783825349325. £50.00.

Celia Sánchez Natalias, Sylloge of defixiones from the Roman west: a comprehensive collection of curse tablets from the fourth century BCE to the fifth century CE. BAR international series, 3077. Oxford: BAR Publishing, 2022. 2 vols., pp. xv, vii, 575. ISBN 9781407315324. £126.00.

David Saunders, Underworld: imagining the afterlife in ancient south Italian vase painting. Los Angeles: J. Paul Getty Museum, 2021. Pp. x, 244. ISBN 9781606067345. $70.00.

Paul D. Scotton, Catherine de Grazia Vanderpool, Carolynn Roncaglia, The Julian Basilica: architecture, sculpture, epigraphy. Corinth, 22. Princeton: American School of Classical Studies at Athens, 2022. Pp. xxxi, 450. ISBN 9780876610237. $150.00.

Nichole Sheldrick, Building the countryside: rural architecture and settlement in Tripolitania during the Roman and Late Antique periods. London: The Society for Libyan Studies, 2021. Pp. xiv, 205. ISBN 9781900971775. $45.00.

Jeffrey Soles, Costis Davaras, Mochlos IVA: period III. The House of the Metal Merchant and other buildings in the Neopalatial town. Prehistory monographs, 68. Philadelphia: INSTAP Academic Press, 2022. 2 vols., pp. 986. ISBN 9781931534338. $130.00.

William St. Clair, David St. Clair, Lucy Barnes, Who saved the Parthenon? A new history of the Acropolis before, during and after the Greek Revolution. Cambridge: Open Book Publishers, 2022. Pp. xviii, 876. ISBN 9781783744626. £50.95 and Open Access.

Michela Stefani, L’area archeologica del Sepolcro degli Scipioni a Roma: analisi delle strutture di eta imperiale e tardo antica. BAR international series, 3079. Oxford: BAR Publishing, 2022. Pp. xvii, 156. ISBN 9781407357775. £45.00.

Tesse D. Stek, André Carneiro, The archaeology of Roman Portugal in its western Mediterranean context. Oxford: Oxbow, 2022. Pp. 256. ISBN 9781789258325. $70.00.

Simon Stoddart, Ethan D. Aines, Caroline Malone, Gardening time: monuments and landscape from Sardinia, Scotland and Central Europe in the very long Iron Age. Cambridge: McDonald Institute Monographs, 2021. Pp. xxii, 242. ISBN 9781913344047. Open Access.

Csaba Szabó, Roman religion in the Danubian provinces: space sacralisation and religious communication during the principate (1st-3rd century AD). Havertown: Oxbow, 2022. Pp. 312. ISBN 9781789257830. $55.00.

Jean-Yves Strasser, Mémoires de champions: corpus des palmarès, d’Octavien à Valentinien Ier. Bibliothèque des écoles françaises d’Athènes et de Rome, 395. Athènes: École Française d’Athènes, 2021. Pp. 802. ISBN 9782869585539. €65.00.

Siân Alyce Thomas, On the edge of empire: society in the south-west of England during the first century BC to fifth century AD. BAR British series, 667. Oxford: BAR Publishing, 2021. Pp. xv, 207. ISBN 9781407358468. £52.00.

Andrei Timotin, Trois théories antiques de la divination: Plutarque, Jamblique, Augustin. Ancient philosophy and religion, 6. Leiden; Boston: Brill, 2022. pp. vi, 343. ISBN 9789004507302. $168.00.

Juhana Toivanen, Forms of representation in the Aristotelian tradition. Philosophia antiqua, 161. Leiden; Boston: Brill, 2022. Pp. xiv, 329. ISBN 9789004506060. €110.00.

Metaxia Tsipopoulou, Eleni Nodarou, Petras, Siteia II: a Minoan palatial settlement in eastern Crete, late Bronze Age pottery from houses I.1 and I.2. Prehistory monographs, 67. Philadelphia: INSTAP Academic Press, 2021. Pp. 526. ISBN 9781931534321. $80.00.

Christelle Veillard, Hécaton de Rhodes. Les fragments. Histoire des doctrines de l’Antiquité classique. Paris: Vrin, 2022. Pp. 369. ISBN 9782711630028. €34,00.

Brian Turner, Richard J.A. Talbert, Pliny the Elder’s world: Natural history, books 2-6. Cambridge; New York: Cambridge University Press, 2022. Pp. 350. ISBN 9781108481755. £79.99.

Beat von Scarpatetti, Bücherliebe und Weltverachtung: die Bibliothek des Volkspredigers Heynlin von Stein und ihr Geheimnis. Basel: Schwabe Verlagsgruppe AG Schwabe Verlag, 2021. Pp. 540. ISBN 9783796544699. €86,00.

Francesco Verde, Epicuro, Epistola a Pitocle. Diotima studies in Greek philology, 7. Baden-Baden: Academia, 2022. Pp. 329. ISBN 9783985720224. €69,00.

Sharon Weisser, Eradication ou modération des passions: histoire de la controverse chez Cicéron, Sénèque et Philon d’Alexandrie. Philosophie hellénistique et romaine, 15. Turnhout: Brepols, 2021. Pp. 428. ISBN 9782503596389. €95,00.

Corien Wiersma, Maria P. Tsouli, Middle and Late Helladic Laconia: competing principalities?. Publications of the Netherlands Institute at Athens, 7. Leiden: Sidestone Press, 2022. Pp. 259. ISBN 9789464260625. $65.00.

Stephan Wyss, Annina Wyss Schildknecht, Der römische Gebäudekomplex von Kaiseraugst-Schmidmatt: Handel und Gewerbe an der Fernstraße in der Unterstadt von Augusta Raurica. Forschungen in Augst, 56.1. Basel: Schwabe Verlagssgruppe, 2022. Pp. 516. ISBN 9783796546150. €80,00.

Kutlu Aslihan Yener, Göltepe excavations: tin production at an early Bronze Age mining town in the central Taurus Mountains, Turkey. Prehistory monographs, 64. Philadelphia: INSTAP Academic Press, 2021. Pp. 600. ISBN 9781931534277. $80.00.