BMCR 2021.03.01

Books Received February 2021

BMCR 2021.03.02

Classical antiquity in video games: playing with the ancient world

Christian Rollinger  / Bloomsbury Academic, 2020

Reviewed by Britta Ager

BMCR 2021.03.03

Euripides: Cyclops

Richard Hunter, Rebecca Laemmle  / Cambridge University Press, 2020

Reviewed by Patrick O'Sullivan

BMCR 2021.03.04

Apuleius: philosophical works

Giuseppina Magnaldi  / Oxford University Press, 2020

Reviewed by Beatrice Bakhouche

BMCR 2021.03.05

The discourse of marriage in the Greco-Roman world

Jeffrey Beneker, Georgia Tsouvala  / The University of Wisconsin Press, 2020

Reviewed by Ching-Yuan Wu

BMCR 2021.03.06

States of memory: the polis, panhellenism, and the Persian War

David Yates  / Oxford University Press, 2019

Reviewed by Brandon Braun

BMCR 2021.03.07

The cultural parameters of the Graeco-Roman war discourse

Theo Vijgen  / Brepols, 2020

Reviewed by Conor Whately

BMCR 2021.03.08

Mapping the afterlife: from Homer to Dante

Emma Gee  / Oxford University Press, 2020

Reviewed by Benjamin Eldon Stevens

BMCR 2021.03.09

Funerary portraiture in greater Roman Syria

Michael Blömer, Rubina Raja  / Brepols, 2019

Reviewed by Ortal-Paz Saar

BMCR 2021.03.10

The so-called Aldobrandini Wedding: research from the years 1990 to 2016

Frank Müller, Carla Benocci, Valter Proietti, Gary Vos  / FM Art Publications, 2019

Reviewed by John Henderson

BMCR 2021.03.11

Literature and culture in the Roman Empire, 96-235: cross-cultural interactions

Alice König, Rebecca Langlands, James Uden  / Cambridge University Press, 2020

Reviewed by Daniel Hanigan

BMCR 2021.03.12

Tucidide in Europa: storici e storiografia greca nell’età dello storicismo

Dino Piovan, Ugo Fantasia  / Mimesis, 2019

Reviewed by Marianne Pade

BMCR 2021.03.13

Defining orphism: the beliefs, the teletae and the writings

Anthi Chrysanthou  / De Gruyter, 2020

Reviewed by Radcliffe Edmonds

BMCR 2021.03.14

Greek Memories: theories and practices

Luca Castagnoli, Paolo Ceccarelli  / Cambridge University Press, 2019

Reviewed by Manolis E. Pagkalos

BMCR 2021.03.15

Scholia graeca in Odysseam, IV, Scholia ad libros η-θ

Filippomaria Pontani  / Edizioni di Storia e Letteratura, 2020

Reviewed by Ronald Blankenborg

BMCR 2021.03.16

Flower of suffering: theology, justice, and the cosmos in Aeschylus’ Oresteia and presocratic thought

Nuria Scapin  / De Gruyter, 2020

Reviewed by Emmanuela Bakola

BMCR 2021.03.17

Henry Hunter Calvert’s collection of amphora stamps and that of Sidney Smith Saunders

Alan Johnston  / Archaeopress, 2020

Reviewed by Kostas Filis

BMCR 2021.03.18

Aristotle on the concept of shared life

Sara Brill  / Oxford University Press, 2020

Reviewed by Daniel Maher

BMCR 2021.03.19

Caesar’s great success: sustaining the Roman army on campaign

Alexander Merrow, Agostino Von Hassell, Gregory Starace  / Frontline Books, 2020

Reviewed by Gabriel Moss

BMCR 2021.03.20

Lo specchio del modello. Orizzonti intertestuali e Fortleben di Sidonio Apollinare

Marco Onorato, Anita Di Stefano  / Paolo Loffredo, 2020

Reviewed by Francesco Montone