BMCR 2021.01.01

Books Received December 2020

BMCR 2021.01.02

Xenophon on violence

Aggelos Kapellos  / De Gruyter, 2019

Reviewed by Alex Lee

BMCR 2021.01.03

Fouilles exécutées à Malia. Les abords Nord-Est du palais I

Pascal Darcque, Aleydis Van de Moortel, Martin Schmid  / École Française d'Athènes, 2014

Reviewed by Quentin Letesson

BMCR 2021.01.04

Roman law before the Twelve Tables

Sinclair Bell, Paul J. du Plessis  / Edinburgh University Press, 2020

Reviewed by Stefania Giombini

BMCR 2021.01.05

Ctesias’ Persica and its Near Eastern context

Matt Waters  / University of Wisconsin Press, 2020

Reviewed by Reinhold Bichler

BMCR 2021.01.06

Edilo, Epigrammi: introduzione, traduzione, testo critico e commento

Lucia Floridi  / De Gruyter, 2020

Reviewed by Taylor Coughlan

BMCR 2021.01.07

Roman seas: a maritime archaeology of eastern Mediterranean economies

Justin Leidwanger  / Oxford University Press, 2020

Reviewed by Ruben Post

BMCR 2021.01.08

The fourth Gospel and the manufacture of minds in ancient historiography, biography, romance, and drama

Tyler Smith  / Brill, 2019

Reviewed by Douglas Estes

BMCR 2021.01.09

Aegean Bronze Age art: meaning in the making

Carl Knappett  / Cambridge University Press, 2020

Reviewed by Fritz Blakolmer

BMCR 2021.01.10

Luciano di Samosata, La nave o le preghiere

Gianluigi Tomassi  / De Gruyter, 2019

Reviewed by Alberto Camerotto

BMCR 2021.01.11

Cicero’s Catilinarians

D. H. Berry  / Oxford University Press, 2020

Reviewed by Andrew R. Dyck

BMCR 2021.01.12

Chariton of Aphrodisias’ ‘Callirhoe’

Manuel Sanz Morales  / Universitätsverlag Winter, 2020

Reviewed by William M. Owens

BMCR 2021.01.13

Paracomedy: appropriations of comedy in Greek tragedy

Craig Jendza  / Oxford University Press, 2020

Reviewed by Amy Lewis

BMCR 2021.01.14

The deaths of the Republic: imagery of the body politic in Ciceronian Rome

Brian Walters  / Oxford University Press, 2020

Reviewed by Evan Dutmer

BMCR 2021.01.15

Homeric imagery and the natural environment

William Brockliss  / Harvard University Press, 2019

Reviewed by Alessandro Buccheri

BMCR 2021.01.16

Euripides-Rezeption in Kaiserzeit und Spätantike

Michael Schramm  / De Gruyter, 2020

Reviewed by Donald Mastronarde

BMCR 2021.01.17

Word, phrase, and sentence in relation: ancient grammars and contexts

Paola Cotticelli-Kuras  / De Gruyter, 2020

Reviewed by Benjamin Cartlidge

BMCR 2021.01.18

Gaius Valerius Catullus. Selected lyric poems

Richard Whitaker, Douglas Reid Skinner  / uHlanga Press, 2020

Reviewed by John Godwin

BMCR 2021.01.19

Reflections and new perspectives on Virgil’s Georgics

Bobby Xinyue, Nicholas Freer  / Bloomsbury Academic, 2019

Reviewed by James J. O'Hara

BMCR 2021.01.20

Die frühhellenistische Nekropole von Alexandria-Shatby

Christoph Rummel, Stefan Schmidt, Aude Simony  / Reichert Verlag, 2019

Reviewed by Susan I. Rotroff