BMCR 2018.09.01

Books Received August 2018

BMCR 2018.09.02

Making Men Ridiculous: Juvenal and the Anxieties of the Individual

Christopher Nappa  / University of Michigan Press, 2018

Reviewed by Ralph Rosen

BMCR 2018.09.03

Aristotle’s Political Philosophy in its Historical Context: A New Translation and Commentary on ‘Politics’ Books 5 and 6

Andrew Lintott  / Routledge, 2017

Reviewed by Velvet Yates

BMCR 2018.09.04

Réceptions de la théologie aristotélicienne: d’Aristote à Michel d’Ephèse. Aristote: traductions et études, 39

Fabienne Baghdassarian, Gweltaz Guyomarc'h  / Peeters, 2017

Reviewed by Silvia Fazzo

BMCR 2018.09.05

John Lydus, ‘On the Months’ / ‘De Mensibus’. Translated with Introduction and Annotations by Mischa Hooker. 2nd edition

Mischa Hooker  / 2017

Reviewed by Joseph McAlhany

BMCR 2018.09.06

Verso la frase ben costruita: il primo libro della Sintassi di Apollonio Discolo. Multa paucis, 15

Manuela Callipo  / Bonanno Editore, 2017

Reviewed by Lionel Dumarty

BMCR 2018.09.07

Methodius of Olympus: State of the Art and New Perspectives. Texte und Untersuchungen zur Geschichte der altchristlichen Literatur, 178

Katharina Bracht  / De Gruyter, 2017

Reviewed by Daniel Vaucher

BMCR 2018.09.08

Thucydides on the Outbreak of War: Character and Contest

Seth N. Jaffe  / Oxford University Press, 2017

Reviewed by Rachel Bruzzone

BMCR 2018.09.09

The Early Iron Age: The Cemeteries. The Athenian Agora, 36

John K. Papadopoulos, Evelyn Lord Smithson  / ASCSA Publications, 2017

Reviewed by Maximilian F. Rönnberg​

BMCR 2018.09.10

The Oxford Handbook of Zooarchaeology. Oxford handbooks in archaeology

Umberto Albarella, Mauro Rizzetto, Hannah Russ, Kim Vickers, Sarah Viner-Daniels  / Oxford University Press, 2017

Reviewed by Angela Trentacoste

BMCR 2018.09.11

The Homeric Epics and the Chinese ‘Book of Songs’: Foundational Texts Compared

Fritz-Heiner Mutschler  / Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2018

Reviewed by Steven W. Hirsch

BMCR 2018.09.12

Aeschylus: Libation Bearers. Companions to Greek and Roman tragedy

C. W. Marshall  / Bloomsbury Academic, 2017

Reviewed by Emmanuela Bakola

BMCR 2018.09.13

The Goths: Lost Civilizations. Lost Civilizations series

David M. Gwynn  / Reaktion Books, 2017

Reviewed by Giovanni Alberto Cecconi

BMCR 2018.09.14

Tacitus. Annals XVI. Bloomsbury Latin texts

Lee Fratantuono  / Bloomsbury Academy, 2017

Reviewed by Megan M. Daly

BMCR 2018.09.15

Nemesis: Alcibiades and the Fall of Athens

David Stuttard  / Harvard University Press, 2018

Reviewed by Samuel Ortencio Flores

BMCR 2018.09.16

Philostratus: Interpreters and Interpretation. Image, Text and Culture in Classical Antiquity

Graeme Miles  / Routledge, 2018

Reviewed by Simon Goldhill

BMCR 2018.09.17

The Christianization of Western Baetica: Architecture, Power, and Religion in a Late Antique Landscape. Late antique and early medieval Iberia, 5

Jerónimo​ Sánchez Velasco​  / Amsterdam University Press, 2017

Reviewed by Javier Martínez Jiménez​

BMCR 2018.09.18

Lycophron: Alexandra. Greek Text, Translation, Commentary, and Introduction

Simon Hornblower  / Oxford University Press, 2018

Reviewed by Paul Ojennus

BMCR 2018.09.19

Reading and Teaching Ancient Fiction: Jewish, Christian, and Greco-Roman Narratives. Writings from the Greco-Roman World Supplements, 11

Sara Raup Johnson, Rubén R.​ Dupertuis, Christine Shea  / SBL Press, 2018

Reviewed by Laura Quick

BMCR 2018.09.20

The Last Statues of Antiquity

R. R. R. Smith, Bryan Ward-Perkins  / Oxford University Press, 2016

Reviewed by Valentina Di Napoli