BMCR 2017.05.01

Books Received April 2017

BMCR 2017.05.02

Destroyer of the Gods: Early Christian Distinctiveness in the Roman World

Larry W. Hurtado  / Baylor University Press, 2016

Reviewed by John S. Kloppenborg

BMCR 2017.05.03

La rhétorique du pouvoir: une exploration de l’art oratoire délibératif Grec. Neuf exposés suivis de discussions. Entretiens sur l’Antiquité classique, 62

Pascale Derron, Michael Edwards, Pierre Ducrey  / Fondation Hardt pour l'étude de l'Antiquité classique, 2016

Reviewed by Francesco Berardi

BMCR 2017.05.04

Silver, Money and Credit: A tribute to Robartus J. van der Spek on the Occasion of his 65th Birthday. PIHANS, 128

Kristin Kleber, Reinhard Pirngruber  / Nederlands Instituut voor het Nabije Oosten, 2016

Reviewed by Francis Joannès​

BMCR 2017.05.05

Die Stimme in der antiken Rhetorik. Hypomnemata, 194

Verena Schulz  / Ruprecht, 2014

Reviewed by Guy Lachenaud

BMCR 2017.05.06

Die Entwicklung der römischen Villenwirtschaft im Trierer Land: agrarökonomische und infrastrukturelle Untersuchungen eines römischen Wirtschaftsgebiets. Philippika, 81

Stephan Seiler  / Harrassowitz Verlag, 2015

Reviewed by Tyler V. Franconi

BMCR 2017.05.07

The Republican Aventine and Rome’s Social Order

Lisa Marie Mignone  / University of Michigan Press, 2016

Reviewed by Owen Ewald

BMCR 2017.05.08

Ancient Aesthetics

Andrew S. Mason  / Routledge, 2016

Reviewed by Tim Flanagan

BMCR 2017.05.09

Philosophy and Political Power in Antiquity. Studies in Moral Philosophy, 10

Cinzia Arruzza, Dmitri Nikulin  / Brill, 2016

Reviewed by Katarzyna Jazdzewska

BMCR 2017.05.10

A Family of Gods: The Worship of the Imperial Family in the Latin West. Societas: historical studies in classical culture

Gwynaeth McIntyre  / University of Michigan Press, 2016

Reviewed by Marin Mauger

BMCR 2017.05.11

Callimachus: Aetia

Susan Stephens  / Dickinson College Commentaries, 2016

Reviewed by María Natalia Bustos de Lezica

BMCR 2017.05.12

An Urban Geography of the Roman World, 100 BC to AD 300. Archaeopress Roman archaeology, 18

J. W. Hanson  / Archaeopress, 2016

Reviewed by Laura Pfuntner

BMCR 2017.05.13

Biondo Flavio. Italy Illuminated, Volume 2: Books V-VIII. The I Tatti Renaissance library, 75

Jeffrey A. White  / Harvard University Press, 2016

Reviewed by Oren Margolis

BMCR 2017.05.14

Greek and Latin Expressions of Meaning: The Classical Origins of a Modern Metaphor. Zetemata, 151

Andreas T. Zanker  / Verlag C. H. Beck, 2016

Reviewed by Anna Novokhatko

BMCR 2017.05.15

The Antiquities Trade in Egypt 1880-1930. The H.O. Lange Papers. Scientia Danica. Series H, Humanistica, 4, vol. 8

Fredrik Hagen, Kim Ryholt  / Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, 2016

Reviewed by Paul Edmund Stanwick

BMCR 2017.05.16

Myth, Text, and History at Sparta. Gorgias studies in classical and late antiquity, 18

Thomas Figueira  / Gorgias Press, 2016

Reviewed by Timothy Doran

BMCR 2017.05.17

La ‘Rudens’ di Plauto in teatro: tra filologia e messa in scena. Spudasmata, 165

Marianna Calabretta  / Georg Olms Verlag, 2015

Reviewed by Goran Vidović

BMCR 2017.05.18

At the Temple Gates: The Religion of Freelance Experts in the Early Roman Empire

Heidi Wendt  / Oxford University Press, 2016

Reviewed by Joseph E. Sanzo

BMCR 2017.05.19

Trophies of Victory: Public Building in Periklean Athens

Jr.  / Department of Art and Archaeology, Princeton University, in association with Princeton University Press, 2016

Reviewed by Wendy E. Closterman

BMCR 2017.05.20

The Materiality of Magic. Morphomata, 20

Dietrich Boschung, Jan N. Bremmer  / Verlag Wilhelm Fink, 2014

Reviewed by Celia Sánchez Natalías