BMCR 2016.03.01

Books Received February 2016

BMCR 2016.03.02

The Oxford Handbook of Neo-Latin. Oxford handbooks

Sarah Knight, Stefan Tilg  / Oxford University Press, 2015

Reviewed by Franz Römer

BMCR 2016.03.03

Chlodwigs Welt: Organisation von Herrschaft um 500. Roma Aeterna, Bd 3

Mischa Meier, Steffen Patzold  / Franz Steiner Verlag, 2014

Reviewed by Mary Alberi

BMCR 2016.03.04

The Rise and Fall of Classical Greece. The Princeton History of the Ancient World

Josiah Ober  / Princeton University Press, 2015

Reviewed by Kostas Vlassopoulos

BMCR 2016.03.05

Plutarch and his Roman Readers

Philip A. Stadter  / Oxford University Press, 2015

Reviewed by Ulrich Lambrecht

BMCR 2016.03.06

I tempi del rito. Il santuario di Monte Li Santi-Le Rote a Narce

Maria Anna De Lucia Brolli, Jacopo Tabolli  / Officina Edizioni, 2015

Reviewed by Stéphane​ Bourdin

BMCR 2016.03.07

Pindar and the Construction of Syracusan Monarchy in the Fifth Century B.C. Greeks overseas

Kathryn A. Morgan  / Oxford University Press, 2015

Reviewed by Maria Paola Castiglioni

BMCR 2016.03.08

Roman Palmyra: Identity, Community, and State Formation

II  / Oxford University Press, 2013

Reviewed by Leonardo Gregoratti

BMCR 2016.03.09

Mortal Imitations of Divine Life. The Nature of the Soul in Aristotle’s ‘De anima’. Rereading ancient philosophy

Eli Diamond  / Northwestern University Press, 2015

Reviewed by Franco Trabattoni

BMCR 2016.03.10

Epicurus on Eidola: Peri Phuseos Book II. Update, Proposals, and Discussions. Lexis Ancient Philosophy 10

Francesca Guadalupe Masi, Stefano Maso  / Adolf M. Hakkert, 2015

Reviewed by Christian Vassallo

BMCR 2016.03.11

Pseudo-Plutarch und Stobaios: Eine synoptische Untersuchung. Hypomnemata, Bd 198

Heike Bottler  / Ruprecht, 2014

Reviewed by Philip Schmitz

BMCR 2016.03.12

Partitioning the Soul: Debates from Plato to Leibniz. Topoi, 22

Klaus Corcilius, Dominik Perler  / De Gruyter, 2014

Reviewed by Lloyd Gerson

BMCR 2016.03.13

Color-Terms in Social and Cultural Context in Ancient Rome. Gorgias Studies in Classical and Late Antiquity, 3

Rachael B. Goldman  / Gorgias Press, 2013

Reviewed by Paolo Liverani

BMCR 2016.03.14

Ursprung und Charakter der homerischen Jenseitsvorstellungen

Krešimir Matijević  / Verlag Ferdinand Schöningh, 2015

Reviewed by Silvio Bär

BMCR 2016.03.15

Pollution and Crisis in Greek Tragedy

Fabian Meinel  / Cambridge University Press, 2015

Reviewed by Marcel Andrew Widzisz

BMCR 2016.03.16

Ancient Sex: New Essays. Classical memories/modern identities

Ruby Blondell, Kirk Ormand  / Ohio State University Press, 2015

Reviewed by Carol Atack

BMCR 2016.03.17

Children and Childhood in Classical Athens

Mark Golden  / Johns Hopkins University Press, 2015

Reviewed by Jennifer Martinez Morales

BMCR 2016.03.18

Mycenaean Messenia and the Kingdom of Pylos. Prehistory monographs, 45

Richard Hope Simpson  / INSTAP Academic Press, 2014

Reviewed by Claudia V. Alonso Moreno

BMCR 2016.03.19

Networks of Stone: Sculpture and Society in Archaic and Classical Athens. Cultural interactions: studies in the relationship between the arts, 35

Helle Hochscheid  / Peter Lang, 2015

Reviewed by Carol C. Mattusch

BMCR 2016.03.20

Isocrate: entre jeu rhétorique et enjeux politiques. Collection Études et Recherches sur l’Occident Romain – CEROR, 47

Christian Bouchet, Pascale Giovannelli-Jouanna  / CEROR, 2015

Reviewed by Christoph Eucken