BMCR 2009.09.01

BMCR Books Received (August 2009)

BMCR 2009.09.02

Dogs: History, Myth, Art

Catherine Johns  / Harvard University Press, 2008

Reviewed by Evrydiki Tasopoulou

BMCR 2009.09.03

Tra concordia e pace: parole e valori della Grecia antica: giornata di studio, Milano, 21 ottobre 2005. Quaderni di Acme; 92

Giovanna Daverio Rocchi  / Cisalpino, 2007

Reviewed by Anne Queyrel

BMCR 2009.09.04

Kulturtransfer und monarchischer “Philhellenismus”: Bithynien, Pontos und Kappadokien in hellenistischer Zeit. Schriften zur politischen Kommunikation Bd. 4

Christoph Michels  / Ruprecht, 2008

Reviewed by Michael Kleu

BMCR 2009.09.05

Corpus vasorum antiquorum. Hongrie. Budapest, Musée des Beaux-Arts; Fascicule 2. [18], trans. Ágnes Bencze. (Union Académique Internationale, avec le concours financier de l’UNESCO)

János György Szilágyi  / L'Erma di Bretschneider, 2007

Reviewed by Jean MacIntosh Turfa

BMCR 2009.09.06

Lettere sulla mitologia. A cura di Sotera Fornaro

Friedrich Creuzer, Gottfried Hermann  / Edizioni ETS, 2009

Reviewed by Jordi Pàmias

BMCR 2009.09.07

Daily Life of the Ancient Romans. Daily Life through History

David Matz  / Hackett Publishing Company, 2008

Reviewed by Renate Kurzmann

BMCR 2009.09.08

Ayios Stephanos: Excavations at a Bronze Age and Medieval Settlement in Southern Laconia. Supplementary Volume no. 44

W. D. Taylour, R. Janko  / British School at Athens, 2008

Reviewed by Daniel J. Pullen

BMCR 2009.09.09

From the Harpy Tomb to the Wonders of Ephesus: British Archaeologists in the Ottoman Empire 1840-1880

Debbie Challis  / Duckworth, 2008

Reviewed by Françoise Chircop Rutland

BMCR 2009.09.10

Power and Structure in Thucydides Volumes One, Two, and Three

Haruo Konishi  / Adolf M. Hakkert Editore, 2008 Haruo Konishi, Haruo Konishi  / Adolf M. Hakkert Editore, 2008 Haruo Konishi, Haruo Konishi, Haruo Konishi  / Adolf M. Hakkert Editore, 2009

Reviewed by Tim Rood

BMCR 2009.09.11

Der König und sein Land

Christian Mileta  / Akademie Verlag, 2008

Reviewed by Lucia Criscuolo

BMCR 2009.09.12

Under the Sign of the Shield: Semiotics and Aeschylus’ Seven Against Thebes. Second edition (first published 1982). Greek Studies: Interdisciplinary Approaches

Froma I. Zeitlin  / Lexington Books, 2009

Reviewed by C. Michael Sampson

BMCR 2009.09.13

Johann Joachim Winckelmann 4,2 and 4,4

Adolf Borbein, Thomas W. Gaethgens  / Philipp von Zabern, 2006 Adolf Borbein, Thomas W. Gaethgens, Adolf Borbein, Max Kunze  / Philipp von Zabern, 2008

Reviewed by A. A. Donohue

BMCR 2009.09.14

The Attic Nights of Aulus Gellius: An Intermediate Reader and Grammar Review

P. L. Chambers  / University of Oklahoma Press, 2009

Reviewed by Patrick Paul Hogan

BMCR 2009.09.15

Marcus Aurelius’ Rain Miracle and the Marcomannic Wars. Mnemosyne Supplements 308

Péter Kovács  / Brill, 2009

Reviewed by Andy Fear

BMCR 2009.09.16

Lord Elgin and Ancient Greek Architecture: The Elgin Drawings at the British Museum

Luciana Gallo  / Cambridge University Press, 2009

Reviewed by David Cast

BMCR 2009.09.17

Egypt: Pharaonic Period. (Translation of 2007 edition by Jay Hyams). Dictionaries of Civilization

Alessia Fassone, Enrico Ferraris  / University of California Press, 2008

Reviewed by Roberto B. Gozzoli

BMCR 2009.09.18

Die christlich-philosophischen Diskurse der Spätantike

Therese Fuhrer  / Franz Steiner Verlag, 2008

Reviewed by Ilaria L.E. Ramelli

BMCR 2009.09.19

Christos Didaskalos. The Christology of Clement of Alexandria

Oleh Kindiy  / VDM Verlag Dr. Müller, 2008

Reviewed by Anders-Christian Jacobsen

BMCR 2009.09.20

Talking About Laughter: And Other Studies in Greek Comedy

Alan H. Sommerstein  / Oxford University Press, 2009

Reviewed by Andrew Hartwig