BMCR 2009.08.01

Books Received (July 2009)

BMCR 2009.08.02

Harris on Dozier on William A. Johnson, Holt N. Parker, Ancient Literacies: The Culture of Reading in Greece and Rome

Response by W.V. Harris | Original Review by Curtis Dozier

BMCR 2009.08.03

Sophocles: Electra. Cambridge Classical Texts and Commentaries 44

P. J. Finglass  / Cambridge University Press, 2007

Reviewed by David Kovacs

BMCR 2009.08.04

Alexander the Great: A New History

Waldemar Heckel, Lawrence A. Tritle  / Wiley-Blackwell, 2009

Reviewed by Giuseppe Squillace

BMCR 2009.08.05

Reading Herodotus: A Study of the Logoi in Book 5 of Herodotus’ Histories

Elizabeth Irwin, Emily Greenwood  / Cambridge University Press, 2007

Reviewed by David J. DeVore

BMCR 2009.08.06

Neoplatonism. Ancient Philosophies

Pauliina Remes  / Acumen, 2008

Reviewed by Jeremy M. Schott

BMCR 2009.08.07

Meeting the Challenge: International Perspectives on the Teaching of Latin

Bob Lister  / Cambridge University Press, 2008

Reviewed by Andrea Balbo

BMCR 2009.08.08

La Basilica Apostolorum sulla via Appia e l’area cimiteriale circostante. Monumenti di antichità cristiana, II serie, 19

Anna Maria Nieddu  / Pontificio Istituto di Archeologia Cristiana, 2009

Reviewed by Hendrik Dey

BMCR 2009.08.09

Inscriptions de Délos. Index, tome II: les Déliens

Claude Vial  / De Boccard, 2008

Reviewed by Pierre Fröhlich

BMCR 2009.08.10

Daily Life of the Ancient Greeks (Paperback edition, first published 1998). Daily Life Through History

Robert Garland  / Hackett Publishing Company, Inc.,

Reviewed by Nicola Cusumano

BMCR 2009.08.11

Lucian: A Selection. Cambridge Greek and Latin Texts

Neil Hopkinson  / Cambridge University Press, 2008

Reviewed by James Brusuelas

BMCR 2009.08.12

Demetrio, Lo Stile. Pleiadi 4

Nicoletta Marini  / Edizioni di storia e letteratura, 2007

Reviewed by Casper C. de Jonge

BMCR 2009.08.13

The Maikop Treasure

A. M. Leskov  / University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthroplogy, 2008

Reviewed by Eleni Konstantinidi-Syvridi

BMCR 2009.08.14

Wroxeter, the Cornovii, and the Urban Process: Final Report on the Wroxeter Hinterland Project 1994-1997. Vol. 1, Researching the Hinterland. Journal of Roman Archaeology. Supplementary Series, no. 68

Vincent L. Gaffney, R. H. White, H. Goodchild  / Journal of Roman Archaeology, 2007

Reviewed by Ardle Mac Mahon

BMCR 2009.08.15

Zehnacker on Liberman on Hubert Zehnacker (ed.), Pline le Jeune. Lettres: Livres I-III. nouvelle édition. Collection des universités de France. Série latine 391. Paris: Les Belles Lettres, 2009

Response by Hubert Zehnacker | Original Review by Gauthier Liberman

BMCR 2009.08.16

Ancona and Murphy on Aveline on Ancona and Murphy, Horace: A Legamus Transitional Reader

Response by Murphy David J., Ronnie Ancona | Original Review by John Aveline

BMCR 2009.08.17

L’économie de la Grèce des cités (fin VIe-Ier siècle a. C.) I and II

Alain Bresson  / A. Colin, 2007 Alain Bresson, Alain Bresson  / A. Colin, 2008

Reviewed by Ephraim Lytle

BMCR 2009.08.18

Avengers of Blood: Homicide in Athenian Law and Custom from Draco to Demosthenes. Historia Einzelschriften; Bd. 202

David D. Phillips  / Franz Steiner Verlag, 2008

Reviewed by John David Lewis

BMCR 2009.08.19

Studi storiografia filosofica antica. Accademia toscana di scienze e lettere. La Colombaria – Serie Studi 243

Aldo Brancacci  / Leo S. Olschki editore, 2008

Reviewed by Daniel Hogg

BMCR 2009.08.20

Knossos and the Prophets of Modernism

Cathy Gere  / The University of Chicago Press, 2009

Reviewed by Nicoletta Momigliano