BMCR 2009.10.01

BMCR Books Received (September, 2009)

BMCR 2009.10.02

Callimachus, Hecale. Revised second edition

A. S. Hollis  / Oxford University Press, 2009

Reviewed by Konstantinos Spanoudakis

BMCR 2009.10.03

Ekphrasis, Imagination and Persuasion in Ancient Rhetorical Theory and Practice

Ruth Webb  / Ashgate, 2009

Reviewed by Simon Goldhill

BMCR 2009.10.04

Statius and Epic Games. Sport, Politics, and Poetics in the Thebaid. Cambridge Classical Studies

Helen Lovatt  / Cambridge University Press, 2005

Reviewed by Michael Dewar

BMCR 2009.10.05

Betray The Night: A Novel About Ovid

Benita Kane Jaro  / Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers, 2009

Reviewed by Paul Robertson

BMCR 2009.10.06

The Cambridge Companion to Galen. Cambridge Companions

R. J. Hankinson  / Cambridge University Press, 2008

Reviewed by Y. Tzvi Langermann

BMCR 2009.10.07

Ancient Roman Lawyers and Modern Legal Ideals: Studies on the Impact of Contemporary Concerns in the Interpretation of Ancient Roman Legal History. Studien zur europaeischen Rechtsgeschichte, Bd. 220

Kaius Tuori  / Vittorio Klostermann, 2007

Reviewed by Carlos Sánchez-Moreno Ellart

BMCR 2009.10.08

Belisarius: The Last Roman General

Ian Hughes  / Westholme Publishing, 2009

Reviewed by Nadejda Popov-Reynolds

BMCR 2009.10.09

Quel savoir après le scepticisme: Plotin et ses prédécesseurs sur la connaissance de soi. Histoire des doctrines de l’antiquité classique, 37

Wilfried Kühn  / Librairie Philosophique Vrin, 2009

Reviewed by John Dillon

BMCR 2009.10.10

ALSO SEEN: Stoici Romani Minori: Marco Manilio-Musonio Rufo-Anneo Cornuto-Cheremone di Alessandria-Aulo Persio-Trasea Peto-Anneo Lucano-Decimo Giunio Giovenale-Mara Bar Serapion. Il Pensiero Occidentale

Ilaria Ramelli  / Bompiani, 2009

Reviewed by Gretchen Reydams-Schils

BMCR 2009.10.11

The Horse in Human History

Pita Kelekna  / Cambridge University Press, 2009

Reviewed by Ryan Platte

BMCR 2009.10.12

The Archaeology of Tomb A1K1 of Orthi Petra in Eleutherna: The Early Iron Age Pottery

Antonis Kotsonas  / University of Crete, 2008

Reviewed by Lisa Mallen

BMCR 2009.10.13

His Successors: Essays from the Antipodes

Pat Wheatley, Robert Hannah  / Regina Books, 2009

Reviewed by Janice J. Gabbert

BMCR 2009.10.14

The Dynamics of Ancient Empires: State Power from Assyria to Byzantium

Ian Morris, Walter Scheidel  / Oxford University Press, 2009

Reviewed by Christopher J. Tuplin

BMCR 2009.10.15

Greek Sport and Social Status. Fordyce W. Mitchel Memorial Lecture Series

Mark Golden  / University of Texas Press, 2008

Reviewed by Paul Christesen

BMCR 2009.10.16

The Golden Age of the Classics in America: Greece, Rome, and the Antebellum United States

Carl J. Richard  / Harvard University Press, 2009

Reviewed by Rudolph Masciantonio

BMCR 2009.10.17

Roman Imperial Identities in the Early Christian Era. Routledge Monographs in Classical Studies

Judith Perkins  / Routledge, 2009

Reviewed by Melissa A. Rothfus

BMCR 2009.10.18

Martial. Ancients in Action

Peter Howell  / Bristol Classical Press, 2009

Reviewed by Shannon N. Byrne

BMCR 2009.10.19

A Latin Lover in Ancient Rome: Readings in Propertius and His Genre

W. R. Johnson  / Ohio State University Press, 2009

Reviewed by Randall Childree

BMCR 2009.10.20

Italica: scritti minori sulle lingue dell’Italia antica (2 vols.). Ricerche sulle lingue di frammentaria attestazione 3

Enrico Campanile  / Fabrizio Serra Editore, 2008

Reviewed by E. Nieto Ballester