BMCR 2008.02.01

BMCR Books Received (January, 2008)

BMCR 2008.02.02

Transferts culturels et politique dans le monde hellénistique. Actes de la table ronde sur les identités collectives (Sorbonne, 7 février 2004). Historie ancienne et médiévale – 86

impr. Chirat)  / Publications de la Sorbonne, 2006

Reviewed by Luca Asmonti

BMCR 2008.02.03

Daughters of Gaia. Women in the Ancient Mediterranean World

Bella Vivante  / Praeger, 2007

Reviewed by Christina A. Clark

BMCR 2008.02.04

Mancuso on Summa on Cipolla, Studi sul teatro greco

Response by Giacomo Mancuso | Original Review by Daniela Summa

BMCR 2008.02.05

Le Regioni di Aquileia e Spalato in Epoca Romana. Convegno Castello di Udine 4 aprile 2006

Maurizio Buora  / Fondazione Cassamarca, 2007

Reviewed by Maria Federica Petraccia

BMCR 2008.02.06

Amphiaraos. Guerrier, devin et guérisseur

Pierre Sineux  / Belles lettres, 2007

Reviewed by Maria Elena Gorrini

BMCR 2008.02.07

Letter-Writing Manuals and Instruction from Antiquity to the Present. Historical and Bibliographic Studies. Studies in Rhetoric/Communication

Carol Poster, Linda C. Mitchell  / University of South Carolina Press, 2007

Reviewed by Ioana Costa

BMCR 2008.02.08

Simplicius, lecteur du Sophiste

Marc-Antoine Gavray  / Klincksieck, 2007

Reviewed by John Dillon

BMCR 2008.02.09

Edmunds on Fitzpatrick on Edmunds, Oedipus

Response by Edmunds Lowell | Original Review by David Fitzpatrick

BMCR 2008.02.10

Homer in the Twentieth Century. Between World Literature and the Western Canon

Barbara Graziosi, Emily Greenwood  / Oxford University Press, 2007

Reviewed by Constanze Güthenke

BMCR 2008.02.11

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, Great Britain Fascicule 23, Reading Museum Service (Reading Borough Council)

Union académique internationale.  / Printed by order of the Trustees of the British Museum, 1925-c2002

Reviewed by Mary B. Moore

BMCR 2008.02.12

Art and Text in Byzantine Culture

Liz James  / Cambridge University Press, 2007

Reviewed by Franziska E. Shlosser

BMCR 2008.02.13

Readings in Greek History: Sources and Interpretations

D. Brendan Nagle, Stanley Mayer Burstein  / Oxford University Press, 2007

Reviewed by Jan P. Stronk

BMCR 2008.02.14

Eusebius von Caesarea. De vita Constantini. Über das Leben Konstantins. Fontes Christiani, 83

Eusebius Caesariensis., Bruno Bleckmann, Horst Schneider  / Brepols, 2007

Reviewed by Peter Van Nuffelen

BMCR 2008.02.15

A Companion to Greek Rhetoric

Ian Worthington  / Blackwell Pub, 2007

Reviewed by Øivind Andersen

BMCR 2008.02.16

Tertullian the African: An Anthropological Reading of Tertullian’s Context and Identities. Millennium Studies 14

David E. Wilhite  / De Gruyter, 2007

Reviewed by Geoffrey D. Dunn

BMCR 2008.02.17

Seeing the Face, Seeing the Soul. Polemon’s Physiognomy from Classical Antiquity to Medieval Islam

Simon Swain, G. R. Boys-Stones  / Oxford University Press, 2007

Reviewed by Maria Fernanda Ferrini

BMCR 2008.02.18

Man and the Word. The Orations of Himerius

approximately 310-approximately 390 Himerius, Robert J. Penella  / University of California Press, 2007

Reviewed by Young Richard Kim

BMCR 2008.02.19

Roman Life: 100 B.C. to A.D. 200

John R. Clarke  / Abrams, 2007

Reviewed by Eric Kondratieff

BMCR 2008.02.20

Aristotle on the Common Sense

Pavel Gregoric  / Oxford University Press, 2007

Reviewed by Deborah K. W. Modrak