BMCR 2007.05.01

BMCR Books Received (April)

BMCR 2007.05.02

Murgatroyd on Solodow on Murgatroyd on Solodow on P. Murgatroyd and G.G. Fagan, From Augustus to Nero

Response by Paul Murgatroyd | Original Response by Joseph B. Solodow

BMCR 2007.05.03

Le iscrizioni nella Periegesi di Pausania. Commento ai testi epigrafici

Cesare Zizza  / ETS, 2006

Reviewed by Filippo Canali De Rossi

BMCR 2007.05.04

Guerre et diplomatie romaines (IVe – IIIe siècles). Pour un réexamen des sources

Emmanuèle Caire, Sylvie Pittia, Maison méditérranéenne des sciences de l'homme.  / Publications de l'Université de Provence, 2006

Reviewed by Filippo Canali De Rossi

BMCR 2007.05.05

Dwyer on Marin on Alex Butterworth and Ray Laurence, Pompeii. The Living City

Response by Eugene Dwyer | Original Review by Pamela Marin

BMCR 2007.05.06

Surveying the Greek Chora: The Black Sea Region in a Comparative Perspective. Black Sea Studies, 4

Pia Guldager Bilde, Vladimir F. Stolba  / Aarhus University Press, 2006

Reviewed by Elias K. Petropoulos

BMCR 2007.05.07

Ancient Sicily, Monuments Past and Present

G. Messineo, E. Borgia  / Vision s.r.l. and the J. Paul Getty Museum, 2006

Reviewed by Brian E. McConnell

BMCR 2007.05.08

Ancient Philosophy and Everyday Life

Trevor Curnow  / Cambridge Scholars Press, 2006

Reviewed by Jakub Jirsa

BMCR 2007.05.09

The Unity of Plato’s Gorgias: Rhetoric, Justice, and the Philosophic Life

Devin Stauffer  / Cambridge University Press, 2006

Reviewed by Dustin A. Gish

BMCR 2007.05.10

Ancient Greek Accentuation. Synchronic Patterns, Frequency Effects, and Prehistory

Philomen Probert  / Oxford University Press, 2006

Reviewed by James Clackson

BMCR 2007.05.11

Icons and Power: The Mother of God in Byzantium

Bissera V. Pentcheva  / The Pennsylvania State University Press, 2006

Reviewed by Rossitza B. Schroeder

BMCR 2007.05.12

David on Blankenborg on A.P. David, The Dance of the Muses: Choral Theory And Ancient Greek Poetics

Response by A.P. David | Original Review by Ronald J.J. Blankenborg

BMCR 2007.05.13

Tucidide. La guerra del Peloponneso. Libro II, testo, traduzione e commento con saggio introduttivo. Studi e testi di storia antica, 14

Thucydides., Ugo Fantasia  / ETS, 2003

Reviewed by Nino Luraghi

BMCR 2007.05.14

Prauscello on Lomiento on L. Prauscello, Singing Alexandria. Music Between Practice and Textual Transmission

Response by L. Prauscello | Original Review by Liana Lomiento

BMCR 2007.05.15

Indo-European Language and Culture: An Introduction. Blackwell Textbooks in Linguistics, 19

Benjamin W. Fortson  / Blackwell Pub, 2004

Reviewed by Gary Holland

BMCR 2007.05.16

Hellenistic and Roman Egypt. Variorum Collected Studies Series

Roger S. Bagnall  / Ashgate, 2006

Reviewed by Pablo Ubierna and Diego M. Santos

BMCR 2007.05.17

Plato: Political Philosophy

Malcolm Schofield  / Oxford University Press, 2006

Reviewed by Edward Moore

BMCR 2007.05.18

Commentaria et Lexica Graeca in Papyris reperta (CLGP), adiuvante Marco Stroppa, Pars I: Commentaria et Lexica in auctores; vol. 1, fasc.4: Aristophanes – Bacchylides

Guido Bastianini, Michael Haslam, Herwig Maehler, Franco Montanari, Cornelia E. Römer  / K.G. Sauer, 2006

Reviewed by William Slater

BMCR 2007.05.19

Religious Identity in Late Antiquity

Elizabeth DePalma Digeser, Robert M. Frakes  / Edgar Kent, Inc., Publishers, 2006

Reviewed by Lucy Grig

BMCR 2007.05.20

From Clement to Origen: The Social and Historical Context of the Church Fathers

David (David Ivan) Rankin  / Ashgate Pub, 2006

Reviewed by Patrick Maille