BMCR 2006.01.06

Editorial Note

Bryn Mawr Classical Review is celebrating the fifteenth anniversary of its electronic publication in the next few weeks. To date, we have managed with a small team of (originally two, now three) senior editors and an Editorial Board on which we call for advice. But now, the continuing boom in numbers of books received and reviews published (over 500 published in 2005), the need for attentive control of the quality of reviews, and the prospective superannuation of the founders have led us to appoint a small body of associate editors with particular responsibilities.

Each associate editor is being asked to monitor (but not manage) the book-assignment process in his/her province, mainly for quality control, overall balance, and to assure that important books do not get neglected. The primary responsibility, however, is editorial: to receive reviews that have been submitted and assure that they are reviewed for standards of quality and professionalism and edited to BMCR’s admittedly generous standard of house style, correctness, and intelligibility. The members of the wider editorial board will continue to serve as resources for the associate editors to draw upon and will continue to be asked to read and advise on reviews.

The overall management of the journal will now consist of: (1) senior editors (Hamilton, O’Donnell, Conybeare) with overall authority and responsibility for the journal; (2) associate editors with defined fields; (3) members of the editorial board, still encouraged to assist in assigning books and still expected to assist in editorial work on individual reviews.

The fields, and their associate editors, are:

Greek literature: Heinz-G√ľnther Nesselrath (substitute 2006-7 Richard Hamilton)

Latin literature: Stephen Harrison

Roman history: Alain Gowing

Greek history: Luigi Battezzato

Greek archaeology, including Bronze Age: Jenifer Neils

Roman archaeology, including Etruscan: Camilla Mackay

Philosophy: Tad Brennan

Religion: Radcliffe Edmonds

Reception, History of scholarship: Rolando Ferri.