BMCR 2004.08.01

BMCR Books Received (July)

BMCR 2004.08.02

The Homeric Hymns. A Translation, with Introduction and Notes

Diane J. Rayor  / University of California Press, 2004

Reviewed by Stephen Evans

BMCR 2004.08.03

Scritti di diritto greco. A cura di Eva Cantarella e Alberto Maffi. Università degli Studi di Milano. Facoltà di Giurisprudenza. Pubblicazioni dell’Istituto di Diritto Romano, 34

Arnaldo Biscardi, Eva Cantarella, Alberto Maffi  / A. Giuffrè, 1999

Reviewed by F. Casinos-Mora

BMCR 2004.08.04

Saint Grégoire de Nazianze, Oeuvres poétiques. Tome I. Partie 1. Poèmes personnels II, 1, 1-11. Collection Budé

of Nazianzus Gregory, André Tuilier, Guillaume Bady, Jean Bernardi  / Les Belles Lettres, 2004

Reviewed by Caroline Macé

BMCR 2004.08.05


Suzanne C. Hagedorn  / University of Michigan Press, 2004

Reviewed by Mathilde Skoie

BMCR 2004.08.06

Cleomedes’ Lectures on Astronomy. A Translation of The Heavens with an Introduction and Commentary

Cleomedes., Alan C. Bowen, Robert B. Todd  / University of California Press, 2004

Reviewed by Nathan Sidoli

BMCR 2004.08.07

Bunte Götter: die Farbigkeit antiker Skulptur

Vinzenz Brinkmann, Raimund Wünsche, Ulrike Wurnig  / Staatliche Antikensammlungen und Glyptothek, 2004

Reviewed by Brunilde Ridgway

BMCR 2004.08.08

Sintaxis del Griego Clásico

Emilio Crespo, Luz Conti, Helena Maquieira  / Gredos, 2003

Reviewed by Pedro de Blas

BMCR 2004.08.09

Rome the Cosmopolis

Catharine Edwards, Greg Woolf  / Cambridge University Press, 2003

Reviewed by Jennifer Trimble

BMCR 2004.08.10

The Poetics of Appearance in the Attic Korai

Mary C. (Mary Clorinda) Stieber  / University of Texas Press, 2004

Reviewed by Mireille Lee

BMCR 2004.08.11

English Literature and Ancient Languages

Kenneth Haynes  / Oxford University Press, 2003

Reviewed by Travis Feldman

BMCR 2004.08.12

Griechische Archaik. Interne Entwicklungen – Externe Impulse

Robert Rollinger, Christoph Ulf  / Akademie Verlag, 2004

Reviewed by Helen Hatzimavroudi

BMCR 2004.08.13

Does the New Testament Imitate Homer? Four Cases from the Acts of the Apostles

Dennis Ronald MacDonald  / Yale University Press, 2003

Reviewed by Manfred Lang

BMCR 2004.08.14

Born to Rebel. The Life of Harriet Boyd Hawes. Edited by Annie Allsebrook. First published in 1992, reprinted with corrections and a postscript

Mary Allsebrook, Annie Allsebrook  / Oxbow Books, 2002

Reviewed by Annabel Robinson

BMCR 2004.08.15

Thucydides Book I: A Students’ Grammatical Commentary

H Don Cameron  / University of Michigan Press, 2003

Reviewed by Paula Debnar

BMCR 2004.08.16

Athenian Democratic Origins and Other Essays. Edited by David Harvey and Robert Parker. With the assistance of Peter Thonemann

G. E. M. (Geoffrey Ernest Maurice) De Ste. Croix, David Harvey, Robert Parker, Peter Thonemann  / Oxford University Press, 2004

Reviewed by David Whitehead

BMCR 2004.08.17

Detour and Access: Strategies of Meaning in China and Greece. Translated by Sophie Hawkes

François Jullien, Sophie Hawkes  / Zone Books, 2000

Reviewed by Stephen Salkever

BMCR 2004.08.18

Fantastic Metamorphoses, Other Worlds. Ways of Telling the Self. The Clarendon Lectures in English, 2001

Marina Warner  / Oxford University Press, 2002

Reviewed by David Larmour

BMCR 2004.08.19

Antichi e moderni nella filosofia di età imperiale

Aldo Brancacci  / Bibliopolis, 2001

Reviewed by John Dillon

BMCR 2004.08.20

Sotira Kaminoudhia: an Early Bronze Age Site in Cyprus. Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute Monograph 4; American Schools of Oriental Research Archaeological Report 8

Stuart Swiny, George Robert Rapp, Ellen Herscher  / American Schools of Oriental Research, 2003

Reviewed by Gerald Cadogan