BMCR 2004.07.01

BMCR Books Received (June)

BMCR 2004.07.02

Chiaradonna on Rappe on Chiaradonna

Response by Riccardo Chiaradonna | Original Review by Sara Ahbel-Rappe

BMCR 2004.07.03

Latin Roots of English. Third Edition

Tamara M. Green  / Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2003

Reviewed by Dan Curley

BMCR 2004.07.04

A Companion to Homer’s Odyssey

James V. Morrison  / Greenwood Press, 2003

Reviewed by David Pollio

BMCR 2004.07.05

The Cambridge Companion to St. Paul

James D. G. Dunn  / Cambridge University Press, 2003

Reviewed by R. Anderson

BMCR 2004.07.06

Roman Imperialism: Readings and Sources

Craige Brian Champion  / Blackwell Publishing, 2004

Reviewed by Lee Brice

BMCR 2004.07.07

Homer. The Iliad. Second Edition

M. S. (Michael Stephen) Silk  / Cambridge University Press, 2004

Reviewed by Michael Broyles

BMCR 2004.07.08

Golden Verses: Poetry of the Augustan Age

Paul T. Alessi  / Focus Pub, 2003

Reviewed by Shannon Byrne

BMCR 2004.07.09

Imagination – Fiktion – Kreation. Das kulturschaffende Vermögen der Phantasie

Thomas Dewender, Thomas Welt  / Saur, 2003

Reviewed by Dionysios Chalkomatas

BMCR 2004.07.10

Plinius der Jüngere und seine Zeit. BzA 187

Luigi Castagna, Eckard Lefèvre  / K.G. Saur, 2003

Reviewed by Vincent Hunink

BMCR 2004.07.11

Soliciting Darkness. Pindar, Obscurity, and the Classical Tradition. Harvard Studies in Comparative Literature 47

John T. Hamilton  / Harvard University Department of Comparative Literature, 2003

Reviewed by Gregor Staab

BMCR 2004.07.12

Die Thraker südlich vom Balkan in den Geographika Strabos. Quellenkritische Untersuchungen. Palingenesia, 81

K Boshnakov  / F. Steiner, 2003

Reviewed by Jan Stronk

BMCR 2004.07.13

Herodotus and Religion in the Persian Wars

Jon D. Mikalson  / University of North Carolina Press, 2003

Reviewed by Jan Stronk

BMCR 2004.07.14

The Works of Archimedes: Translated into English, together with Eutocius’ Commentaries, with Commentary, and Critical Edition of the Diagrams. Vol. 1: The Two Books On the Sphere and the Cylinder

Archimedes, of Ascalon Eutocius, Reviel Netz, Ευτόκιος  / Cambridge University Press, 2004

Reviewed by Eleanor Dickey

BMCR 2004.07.15

Alessandro di Afrodisia e la “Metafisica” di Aristotele. Temi metafisici e problemi del pensiero antico. Studi e testi, 94

Giancarlo Movia  / Vita e pensiero, 2003

Reviewed by Lloyd Gerson

BMCR 2004.07.16

Music and the Muses: The Culture of Mousike in the Classical Athenian City

Penelope Murray, Peter Wilson  / Oxford University Press, 2004

Reviewed by Matthew Wright

BMCR 2004.07.17

Lessons from the Past: The Moral Use of History in Fourth-Century Prose

Frances Pownall  / University of Michigan Press, 2004

Reviewed by Jennifer McBride

BMCR 2004.07.18

Wounding and Death in the Iliad: Homeric Techniques of Description. Translated by Peter Jones and Gabriele Wright, with a new appendix by Kenneth Saunders

Wolf-Hartmut Friedrich  / Duckworth, 2003

Reviewed by Aislinn Melchior

BMCR 2004.07.19

The Medusa Reader

Marjorie B. Garber, Nancy J. Vickers  / Routledge, 2003

Reviewed by Kirk Ormand

BMCR 2004.07.20

Theatres of Action: Papers for Chris Dearden. Prudentia Supplement

Chris (Christopher William) Dearden, John Davidson, C. W. Dearden, Arthur John Pomeroy  / Polygraphia, c2003

Reviewed by Dana Sutton