BMCR 2004.07.33

Response: Alcock on Noy on Fraschetti

Response to 2001.10.13

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On p. 164 of A. Fraschetti (ed.), Roman Women (Chicago, 1999), the subject of hooligan monks in connection with Hypatia is brought up. A passage from the ecclesiastical historian Socrates (VI, 6-7) is only partially quoted about the patriarch Theophilus and his arming of the monks of Nitria.The quotation gives the impression that this tactic was part of an anti-paganism campaign. The full text of Socrates makes it clear that Theophilus provided these brutal simpletons with weapons in his campaign against a fellow Christian, Dioscorus, one of the so-called Tall Brothers. Christian solidarity, not surprisingly, lasted only as long as Christianity was under threat from outside.