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BMCR 2002.07.02

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BMCR 2002.07.03

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The Rise and Fall of the Afterlife

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Does Socrates Have a Method? Rethinking the Elenchus in Plato’s Dialogues and Beyond

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King of the Wood: The Sacrificial Victor in Virgil’s Aeneid

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Reviewed by Reyes Bertolin

BMCR 2002.07.10

Books Received (June 2002)

BMCR 2002.07.11

L’ordine delle generazioni. Classi di età e costumi matrimonali nell’antica Sparta. Pragmateiai: Collana di studi e testi per la storia economica, sociale e amministrava del mondo antico

Marcello Lupi  / Edipuglia, 2000

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BMCR 2002.07.12

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Greek and Roman Comedy: Translations and Interpretations of Four Representative Plays

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BMCR 2002.07.15

Cavalry Operations in the Ancient Greek World

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BMCR 2002.07.16

Les Associations de Technites dionysiaques à l’époque hellénistique. Vol. 1, Corpus documentaire; vol. 2, Synthèse (= Études d’Archéologie Classique XI-XII)

Brigitte Le Guen  / Association pour la Diffusion de la Recherche sur l'Antiquité (Distribution: De Boccard, Paris), 2001

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BMCR 2002.07.17

Le rire des Grecs. Anthropologie du rire en Grèce ancienne

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The Villa of Livia Ad Gallinas Albas. A Study in the Augustan Villa and Garden. Archaeologica Transatlantica XX

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Revaluing Ethics: Aristotle’s Dialectical Pedagogy

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BMCR 2002.07.20

Lo Sguardo della Verità: Cinque Studi su Seneca

Stefano Maso  / Il poligrafo, 1999

Reviewed by Margaret Graver