BMCR 2001.09.01

Homers Ilias. Gesamtkommentar. Auf der Grundlage der Ausgabe von Ameis-Hentze-Cauer (1868-1913). Band: Erster Gesang (A)

Joachim 1934- Latacz, Anton 1960- Bierl  / Saur, 2000

Reviewed by Johannes Haubold

BMCR 2001.09.02

Roman Honor. The Fire in the Bones

Carlin A. Barton  / University of California Press, 2001

Reviewed by Bob Kaster

BMCR 2001.09.03

Latin language and Latin culture from ancient to modern times

Joseph Farrell  / Cambridge University Press, 2001

Reviewed by Helen Lovatt

BMCR 2001.09.04

Apuleius: Metamorphoses, Book I

Apuleius., James S. Ruebel  / Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers, 2000

Reviewed by Stephen Trzaskoma

BMCR 2001.09.05

Secret of the Muses Retold: Classical Influences on Italian Authors of the Twentieth Century

John T. Kirby  / University of Chicago Press, 2000

Reviewed by John Van Sickle

BMCR 2001.09.06

West on Nagy and Nardelli on West, Homeri Ilias

Response by Martin West | Original Review by Gregory Nagy Jean-Fabrice Nardelli

BMCR 2001.09.07

Matrices of Genre: Authors, Canons, and Society

Mary Depew, Dirk Obbink  / Harvard University Press, 2000

Reviewed by B. Acosta-Hughes

BMCR 2001.09.08

Corpus Speculorum Etruscorum

Denise Emmanuel-Rebuffat, Maria Stella Pacetti, Gabriella Barbieri  / "L'ERMA" di Bretschneider (all), 1997, 1998, and 1999 respectively

Reviewed by Richard De Puma

BMCR 2001.09.09

Leaving Words to Remember: Greek Mourning and the Advent of Literacy. Mnemosyne Supplement 209

Katharine Derderian  / Brill, 2001

Reviewed by Kerri Hame

BMCR 2001.09.10

Contingent Countryside: Settlement, Economy, and Land Use in the Southern Argolid since 1700

Susan Buck Sutton, Keith W. Adams, Argolid Exploration Project.  / Stanford University Press, 2000

Reviewed by Laurie Hart

BMCR 2001.09.11

Books Received

BMCR 2001.09.12

The Places Where Men Pray Together: Cities in Islamic Lands Seventh Through the Tenth Centuries

Paul Wheatley  / University of Chicago Press, 2001

Reviewed by Aaron Hughes

BMCR 2001.09.13

Beobachtungen zur Sprache des Terenz, mit besonderer Ber├╝cksichtigung der umgangssprachlichen Elemente

Andreas Bagordo  / Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2001

Reviewed by Benjamin Victor

BMCR 2001.09.14

Brennan on Rowe on Brennan

Response by T. Brennan | Original Review by Greg Rowe

BMCR 2001.09.15

Worthington on Wooten on Worthington

Response by Ian Worthington | Original Review by Cecil Wooten

BMCR 2001.09.16

Cicero, Catullus, and the Language of Social Performance

Brian A. Krostenko  / University of Chicago Press, 2001

Reviewed by Andrew Dyck

BMCR 2001.09.17

In Search of God the Mother: The Cult of Anatolian Cybele

Lynn E. Roller  / University of California Press, 1999

Reviewed by Susan Elliott

BMCR 2001.09.18

Wilamowitz in Greifswald. Akten der Tagung zum 150. Geburtstag Ulrich von Wilamowitz-Moellendorffs in Greifswald, 19-22. Dezember 1998, (Spudasmata, 81)

William M. (William Musgrave) Calder  / Olms, 2000

Reviewed by Wilfried Nippel

BMCR 2001.09.19

Demosthenes, On The Crown. Cambridge Greek and Latin Classics

Demosthenes., Harvey Yunis  / Cambridge University Press, 2001

Reviewed by Ian Worthington

BMCR 2001.09.20

Euripides: Hecuba, Trojan Women, Andromache. With introduction by Edith Hall

Euripides., James Morwood  / Oxford University Press, 2000

Reviewed by Justina Gregory