BMCR 2001.06.01

A Greek-English lexicon of the New Testament and other early Christian literature

Frederick W. Danker, Walter Bauer, William F. Arndt, Walter Bauer  / University of Chicago Press, 2000

Reviewed by Jerker Blomqvist

BMCR 2001.06.02

May Books Received

BMCR 2001.06.03

Lokale Autonomie und römische Ordnungsmacht in den kaiserzeitlichen Provinzen vom 1. bis 3. Jahrhundert. Schriften des Historischen Kollegs Kolloquien 42

Werner Eck, Elisabeth Müller-Luckner  / R. Oldenbourg Verlag, 1999

Reviewed by Michael Peachin

BMCR 2001.06.04

Life’s Form. Late Aristotelian Conceptions of the Soul

Dennis Des Chene  / Cornell University Press, 2000

Reviewed by Peter Lautner

BMCR 2001.06.05

Ancient Greece. The famous Monuments: Past and Present

 / Vision S.R.L., 1997

Reviewed by Eva Parisinou

BMCR 2001.06.06

Nietzsche and the Philology of the Future

James I. Porter  / Stanford University Press, 2000

Reviewed by Sean Gurd

BMCR 2001.06.07

Identities in the Eastern Mediterranean in Antiquity. Mediterranean Archaeology v.11 (Proceedings of a Conference held at the Humanities Research Center in Canberra, 10-12 November 1997)

G. Clarke  / University of Sydney, 1998

Reviewed by Hagith Sivan

BMCR 2001.06.08

Subtle Bodies: Respresenting Angels in Byzantium

Glenn Peers  / University of California Press, 2001

Reviewed by Jas' Elsner

BMCR 2001.06.09


Atze J. Keulen  / Brill, 2001

Reviewed by John Fitch

BMCR 2001.06.10

Lisias. Discursos, vol. III, Discursos XXVI-XXXV. Fragmentos (Alma Mater, Collección de Autores Griegos y Latinos)

Lysias., José M. Floristán Imízcoz  / Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, 2000

Reviewed by Enrico Medda

BMCR 2001.06.11

A History of the Ptolemaic Empire. Translated by Tina Saavedra

Günther Hölbl  / Routledge, (2003 printing)

Reviewed by Peter Nadig

BMCR 2001.06.12

Aristotle’s Philosophy of Biology: Studies in the Origins of Life Science

James G. Lennox  / Cambridge University Press, 2001

Reviewed by R.W. Sharples

BMCR 2001.06.13

The Athenian Empire. Fourth edition

Robin Osborne, London Association of Classical Teachers.  / London Association of Classical Teachers, 2000

Reviewed by John Higgins

BMCR 2001.06.14

Ideologie-Sport-Aussenseiter. Aktuelle Aspekte einer Beschäftigung mit der antiken Gesellschaft

Ingomar Weiler, Christoph Ulf  / Institut für Sprachwissenschaft der Universität Innsbruck, 2000

Reviewed by Jim Roy

BMCR 2001.06.15

Via Plana. Graduated Readings in Advanced Latin

P Ruth Taylor-Briggs  / Bristol Classical, 2000

Reviewed by Thomas Sienkewicz

BMCR 2001.06.16

Roman Edessa. Politics and Culture on the Eastern Fringes of the Roman Empire, 114-242 CE

Steven K. Ross  / Routledge, 2001

Reviewed by Warwick Ball

BMCR 2001.06.17

Pompeii. Art guide. Itineraries

Pier Giovanni Guzzo, Antonio D'Ambrosio  / "L'Erma" di Bretschneider, 1998

Reviewed by Renate Lafer

BMCR 2001.06.18

Myth and Philosophy from the pre-Socratics to Plato

Kathryn A. Morgan  / Cambridge University Press, 2000

Reviewed by Radcliffe Edmonds

BMCR 2001.06.19

Figures of Play: Greek Drama and Metafictional Poetics

Gregory W. Dobrov  / Oxford University Press, 2001

Reviewed by Anne Mahoney

BMCR 2001.06.20

La philosophie stoïcienne de l’art

Mary Anne Zagdoun  / CNRS Editions, 2000

Reviewed by Guillaume Dye