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Reviewed by Alessandro Barchiesi

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Philippians: From People to Letter

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BMCR 2001.12.03

Sansone on Travis on Cropp and Lee

Response by David Sansone | Original Review by Roger Travis

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The Poems of Callimachus–Translated with Introduction, Notes, and Glossary

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A Supplementary Bibliography to the History of Classical Scholarship. Chiefly in the XIXth and XXth Centuries

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Reviewed by C. Phillips

BMCR 2001.12.06

Books Received November

BMCR 2001.12.07

Staging Masculinity: The Rhetoric of Performance in the Roman World

Erik Gunderson  / University of Michigan Press, 2000

Reviewed by Joy Connolly

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The Supreme Gods of the Bosporan Kingdom: Celestial Aphrodite and the Most High God

Yulia Ustinova  / Brill, 1999

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La rete di Arachne — Arachnes Netz

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Reviewed by Anne Mahoney

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Strabone e l’Asia Minore

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War and Violence in Ancient Greece

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Catullus in English

Julia Haig Gaisser  / Penguin Books, 2001

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Wheeler on Smith on Wheeler

Response by Stephen Wheeler | Original Review by Alden Smith

BMCR 2001.12.19

14: A Commentary

James Reeson  / Brill, 2001

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Die Charakene: Ein mesopotamisches Königreich in hellenistisch-parthischer Zeit (Oriens et Occidens, Band 1)

Monika Schuol  / F. Steiner, 2000

Reviewed by Stefan Hauser