BMCR 1999.02.01

Books Received (January 1999)

BMCR 1999.02.02

Gefängnisse im Römischen Reich. Heidelberger althistorische Beiträge und epigraphische Studien, 23

Jens-Uwe Krause  / F. Steiner, 1996

Reviewed by Ian Tompkins

BMCR 1999.02.03

The Roman Army in the East. Journal of Roman Archaeology Supplementary Series no. 18

David Kennedy  / 1996

Reviewed by A.D. Lee

BMCR 1999.02.04

The Politics of Latin Literature. Writing, Identity, and Empire in Ancient Rome

Thomas N. Habinek  / Princeton University Press, 1998

Reviewed by Ada Cheung

BMCR 1999.02.05

Cantare glorie di eroi: Comunicazione e performance poetica nella Grecia arcaica

Antonio Aloni  / G. B. Paravia,

Reviewed by Lowell Edmunds

BMCR 1999.02.06

Spectacle and Society in Livy’s History

Andrew Feldherr  / University of California Press, 1998

Reviewed by Geoffrey Sumi

BMCR 1999.02.07

Attic Greek Prose Syntax, 2 Vols. After K. W. Krüger

Guy L. Cooper, K. W. (Karl Wilhelm) Krüger  / University of Michigan Press, 1998-2002

Reviewed by William Wyatt

BMCR 1999.02.08

Feminist Interpretations of Aristotle

Cynthia A. Freeland  / Pennsylvania State University Press, 1998

Reviewed by Sophia Elliott

BMCR 1999.02.09

Becoming Roman: The Origins of Provincial Civilization in Gaul

Greg Woolf  / Cambridge University Press, 1998

Reviewed by Michael Kulikowski

BMCR 1999.02.10

Family and Familia in Roman Law and Life

Jane F. Gardner  / Clarendon Press, 1998

Reviewed by Marilyn Skinner

BMCR 1999.02.11

Aristotle’s Criticism of Plato’s Republic

Robert Mayhew  / Rowman & Littlefield, 1997

Reviewed by Eric Brown

BMCR 1999.02.12

A Luminous Land: Artists Discover Greece

Richard Stoneman  / J. Paul Getty Museum, 1998

Reviewed by Andrew Szegedy-Maszak

BMCR 1999.02.13

Philo and Paul among the Sophists. Society for New Testament Studies 96

Bruce W. Winter  / Cambridge University Press, 1997

Reviewed by J.R.C. Cousland

BMCR 1999.02.14

Tel Anafa I, i and ii; Tel Anafa II, i

Sharon Herbert, Donald Ariel, Andrea. Berlin  / Kelsey Museum, 1994 Sharon Herbert, Donald Ariel, Andrea. Berlin, Andrea Berlin, Kathleen Warner Slane  / Kelsey Museum, 1997

Reviewed by Susan Rotroff

BMCR 1999.02.15

Euripides, Suppliant Women, Electra, Heracles

David Kovacs  / Harvard University Press, 1998

Reviewed by Marianthe Colakis

BMCR 1999.02.16

Ovid Amores, Metamorphoses Selections

43 B.C.-17 A.D. or 18 A.D. Ovid, Charbra Adams Jestin, Phyllis B. Katz  / Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers, 1998

Reviewed by Paul Murgatroyd

BMCR 1999.02.17

Sotades: Symbols of Immortality on Greek Vases

Herbert Hoffmann  / Clarendon Press, 1997

Reviewed by Diana Burton

BMCR 1999.02.18

Dionysus Writes: The Invention of Theatre in Ancient Greece

Jennifer Wise  / Cornell University Press, 1998

Reviewed by Roger Travis

BMCR 1999.02.19

Pearcy on Murgatroyd on Jestin

Response by Lee Pearcy | Original Review by Paul Murgatroyd

BMCR 1999.02.20

Sklaven, Köche und Hetären: Das Dienstpersonal bei Menander. Beiträge zur Altertumskunde 93

Martha Krieter-Spiro  / Teubner, 1997

Reviewed by Ariana Traill