BMCR 1999.11.01

The Logistics of the Roman Army at War (264 BC – AD 235)

Jonathan P. Roth  / Brill, 1999

Reviewed by Adrian Goldsworthy

BMCR 1999.11.02

Epic traditions in the contemporary world : the poetics of community

Margaret Beissinger, Jane Tylus, Susanne Wofford  / University of California Press, 1999

Reviewed by James V. Morrison

BMCR 1999.11.03

The Unity of Plato’s Sophist: Between the Sophist and the Philosopher

Noburu Nōtomi  / Cambridge University Press, 1999

Reviewed by Zina Giannopoulou

BMCR 1999.11.04

Lucretius. Selections from De rerum natura

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Reviewed by C. Hoffman

BMCR 1999.11.05

Roman Homosexuality: Ideologies of Masculinity in Classical Antiquity

Craig A. Williams  / Oxford University Press, 1999

Reviewed by Bruce Frier

BMCR 1999.11.06

Music in Ancient Greece and Rome

John G. (John Gray) Landels  / Routledge, 1999

Reviewed by Simon Goldhill

BMCR 1999.11.07

Haunted Greece and Rome: Ghost Stories from Classical Antiquity

D Felton  / University of Texas Press, 1999

Reviewed by Daniel Melia

BMCR 1999.11.08

Maccus barbarus: Sechs Kapitel zur Originalität der Captivi des Plautus. ScriptOralia 74

Lore Benz, Eckard Lefèvre  / Narr, 1998

Reviewed by Peter Kruschwitz

BMCR 1999.11.09

Books Received

BMCR 1999.11.10

Narrative Structure and Poetics in the Aeneid: The Frame of Book 6

Stratēs Kyriakidēs  / Levante editori, 1998

Reviewed by C. Perkell

BMCR 1999.11.11

Horace and the Rhetoric of Authority

Ellen Oliensis  / Cambridge University Press, 1998

Reviewed by William Anderson

BMCR 1999.11.12

Alcibiades and Athens: A Study in Literary Presentation. Oxford Classical Monographs

David Gribble  / Clarendon Press, 1999

Reviewed by David Johnson

BMCR 1999.11.13

Saving the City: Philosopher-Kings and Other Classical Paradigms

Malcolm Schofield  / Routledge, 1999

Reviewed by Jeffrey Tessier

BMCR 1999.11.14

Paradosis and Survival: Three Chapters in the Epicurean Philosophy

Diskin Clay  / University of Michigan Press, 1998

Reviewed by Pamela Gordon

BMCR 1999.11.15

Panathenäische Preisamphoren: Eine athenische Vasengattung und ihre Funktion vom 6.-4. Jahrhundert v. Chr. Antike Kunst Beiheft 18

Martin Bentz  / Vereinigung der Freunde Antiker Kunst, 1998

Reviewed by Richard Hamilton

BMCR 1999.11.16

Theocritus: A Selection

Theocritus., R. L. (Richard L.) Hunter  / Cambridge University Press, 1999

Reviewed by Robert Schmiel

BMCR 1999.11.17

Ancient Greek France

A Trevor Hodge  / University of Pennsylvania Press, 1999

Reviewed by Timothy Teeter

BMCR 1999.11.18

Mycenaean Cult Buildings: A Study of their Architecture and Function in the Context of the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean. Monographs from the Norwegian Institute at Athens. Vol. I

Helène Whittaker  / Norwegian Institute at Athens, 1997

Reviewed by D.J.I. Begg

BMCR 1999.11.19

Todd on Hankey on Blank

Response by Robert Todd | Original Review by Wayne Hankey

BMCR 1999.11.20

Volk on Instone on Nünlist

Response by Katharina Volk | Original Review by Stephen Instone