BMCR 1999.10.01

Antiphon and Andocides

approximately 480 B.C.-411 B.C. Antiphon, approximately 440 B.C.-approximately 390 B.C. Andocides, Michael Gagarin, Douglas M. (Douglas Maurice) MacDowell  / University of Texas Press, 1998

Reviewed by Geoff Bakewell

BMCR 1999.10.02

The Epistemology of the Cyrenaic School

Voula Tsouna-McKirahan  / Cambridge University Press, 1998

Reviewed by Robert Todd

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Ancient Goddesses: The Myths and the Evidence

Lucy Goodison, Christine Morris  / University of Wisconsin Press, 1998

Reviewed by Mary Lefkowitz

BMCR 1999.10.04

Repertorium der griechischen Kopisten 800-1600. Part 3, Handschriften aus Bibliotheken Roms mit dem Vatikan. 3 vols

Ernst Gamillscheg, Dieter Harlfinger, Herbert Hunger  / Verlag der OĢˆsterreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, 1981-

Reviewed by Claudia Rapp

BMCR 1999.10.05

The Living Goddesses

Marija Gimbutas, Miriam Robbins Dexter  / University of California Press, 1999

Reviewed by Lauren Talalay

BMCR 1999.10.06

Writing Down Rome: Satire, Comedy, and Other Offences in Latin Poetry

John Henderson  / Clarendon Press, 1999

Reviewed by Catherine Keane

BMCR 1999.10.07

The Complete Odes and Satires of Horace

Sidney Alexander  / Princeton University Press, 1999

Reviewed by Daniel Garrison

BMCR 1999.10.08

Books Received

BMCR 1999.10.09

Art, Desire and the Body in Ancient Greece

Andrew F. Stewart  / Cambridge University Press, 1997

Reviewed by Patrick O'Sullivan

BMCR 1999.10.10

The Origin of the Romance Languages: Stages in the Development of Latin. Bibliothek der klassischen Altertumswissenschaften 100

Giuliano Bonfante, Larissa Bonfante  / C. Winter, 1999

Reviewed by James O'Donnell

BMCR 1999.10.11

A Historical Commentary on Diodorus Siculus Book 15

P. J. Stylianou  / Clarendon Press, 1998

Reviewed by Peter Green

BMCR 1999.10.12

Horace Odes II: Vatis Amici

Horace., David West  / Clarendon Press, 1998

Reviewed by Jeanne O'Neill

BMCR 1999.10.13

In Praise of Later Roman Emperors: The Panegyrici Latini. Introduction, Translation and Historical Commentary. Transformation of the Classical Heritage vol. 21

C. E. V. Nixon, Barbara Saylor Rodgers, R. A. B. (Roger Aubrey Baskerville) Mynors  / University of California Press, 1994

Reviewed by Simon Corcoran

BMCR 1999.10.14

Chapman’s Homer. The Iliad

Homer., George Chapman, Allardyce Nicoll  / Princeton University Press, 1998-2000

Reviewed by Edward Gutting

BMCR 1999.10.15

Aristokraten und Damoden. Untersuchungen zur inneren Entwickelung Spartas im 7. Jahrhundert v. Chr. und zur politischen Funktion der Dichtung des Tyrtaios

Mischa Meier  / Steiner, 1998

Reviewed by Hans van Wees

BMCR 1999.10.16

Virgil’s Experience: Nature and History; Times, Names, and Places

Richard Jenkyns  / Clarendon Press, 1998

Reviewed by Daniel Hooley

BMCR 1999.10.17

Cicero, On the Nature of the Gods

Marcus Tullius Cicero, P. G. (Patrick Gerard) Walsh  / Clarendon Press, 1997

Reviewed by Richard McKirahan

BMCR 1999.10.18

Priscian, On Theophrastus on Sense-Perception and Simplicius’ On Aristotle’s On the Soul 2.5-12

P. Huby, C. Steel, J.O. Urmson, P. Lautner  / Cornell University Press, 1997

Reviewed by Inna Kupreeva

BMCR 1999.10.19

The Erotics of Domination: Male Desire and the Mistress in Latin Love Poetry

Ellen Greene  / Johns Hopkins University Press, 1998

Reviewed by Christopher Brunelle

BMCR 1999.10.20

Tacitus’ Germany

Cornelius Tacitus, Herbert W. Benario  / Aris & Phillips, 1999

Reviewed by Katherine Clarke