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Athenian Religion: A History

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Reviewed by Jon Mikalson

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Reviewed by Michael Halleran

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1997.5.3, Herbert, Roman Imperial Coins

Mo) Washington University (Saint Louis, Kevin Herbert  / Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers, 1996

Reviewed by Anthony Barrett

BMCR 1997.05.04

Books Received April 1997

BMCR 1997.05.05

1997.05.05, The Alexandreis of Walter of Chatillon

of Chà‚tillon Walter, David Townsend  / University of Pennsylvania Press, 1996

Reviewed by Paul Pascal

BMCR 1997.05.06

1997.5.6, Wallace/Harris, edd., Transitions to Empire

E Badian, Robert W. Wallace, Edward Monroe Harris  / University of Oklahoma Press, 1996

Reviewed by Ronald Cluett

BMCR 1997.05.07

Love Between Women

Bernadette J. Brooten  / Univ. of Chicago Press, 1996

Reviewed by T. Corey Brennan

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1997.5.8, Hansen, trans., Phelgon of Tralles’ Book of Marvels

of Tralles Phlegon, William F. Hansen  / University of Exeter Press, 1996

Reviewed by Jason Davies

BMCR 1997.05.09

1997.5.9, Irwin/Fine, trans./comm., Aristotle: Introductory Readings

Aristotle., Terence Irwin, Gail Fine  / Hackett Pub, 1996

Reviewed by Peter Vernezze

BMCR 1997.05.10

Two Articles on Herodes Atticus

Minos Kokolakis  / 1995 Minos Kokolakis, Haralambos Kritzas

Reviewed by Jennifer Tobin

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1997.5.11, Tandy/Neale, edd./trans., Hesiod’s Works and Days

Hesiod., David W. Tandy, Walter C. Neale  / University of California Press, 1996

Reviewed by James Holoka

BMCR 1997.05.12

Rak on Vernezze on Irwin/Fine

Response by | Original Review by Peter Vernezze

BMCR 1997.05.13

Freidrich on Halleran on Friedrich et al.

Response by Rainier Friedrich | Original Review by Michael Halleran

BMCR 1997.05.14

Triumph of Odysseus

Joint Association of Classical Teachers. Greek Course.  / Cambridge University Press, 1996

Reviewed by James Holoka

BMCR 1997.05.15

1997.5.15, Morley, Metropolis and hinterland

Neville Morley  / Cambridge University Press, 1996

Reviewed by Michael Meckler

BMCR 1997.05.16

Books Received May 1997

BMCR 1997.05.17

1997.5.17, Gentili and Perusino, edd., Mousike, Metrica, etc.

Giovanni Comotti, Bruno Gentili, Franca Perusino  / Istituti editoriali e poligrafici internazionali, 1995

Reviewed by Thomas Cole

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1997.5.18, Wiseman, Remus

T. P. (Timothy Peter) Wiseman  / Cambridge University Press, 1995

Reviewed by Nicholas Purcell

BMCR 1997.05.19

Vernezze on Rak on Vernezze

Response by Peter Vernezze | Original Response by Peter Vernezze