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Die Bildnisse der antiken Dichter, Redner und Denker, 2nd rev. and enlarged ed.

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Reviewed by Brunilde Sismondo Ridgway

BMCR 1997.12.02

1997.12.02, Homer, Iliad Books VIII and IX

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Reviewed by Stephen Instone

BMCR 1997.12.03

Halperin on Brennan on Brooten

Response by David Halperin | Original Review by T. Corey Brennan

BMCR 1997.12.05

Books Received November 1997

BMCR 1997.12.06

1997.12.06, Archaeology and Biblical Interpretation

John R. (John Raymond) Bartlett  / Routledge, 1997

Reviewed by Thomas Bolin

BMCR 1997.12.07

1997.12.07, The Emperor Constantine

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Reviewed by R.W.B. Salway

BMCR 1997.12.08

1997.12.08, The Roman Empire and Its Germanic Peoples

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Reviewed by Michael Kulikowski

BMCR 1997.12.09

1997.12.09, Pseudo-Hecataeus, “On the Jews”. Legitimizing the Jewish Diaspora. Hellenistic Culture and Society xxi

Bezalel Bar-Kochva  / University of California Press, 1996

Reviewed by Joseph Geiger

BMCR 1997.12.10

1997.12.10, Le corps respirant, la pensee physiologique chez Galien. Studies in Ancient Medicine, 13.

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Reviewed by Rebecca Flemming

BMCR 1997.12.11

1997.12.11, The Religion of Socrates

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Reviewed by Michael Pakaluk

BMCR 1997.12.12

1997.12.12, Plato on God as Nous

Stephen Philip Menn  / Southern Illinois University Press, 1995

Reviewed by Michael Pakaluk

BMCR 1997.12.13

1997.12.13, Classical Closure: Reading the End in Greek and Latin Literature

Deborah H. Roberts, Francis M. Dunn, Don Fowler  / Princeton University Press, 1997

Reviewed by Marilyn Skinner

BMCR 1997.12.14

1997.12.14, Achaemenid Studies. Historia Einzelschriften 99.

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Reviewed by Jon Berquist

BMCR 1997.12.15

1997.12.15, What is Pastoral?

Paul Alpers  / University of Chicago Press, 1997

Reviewed by J.W. Halporn

BMCR 1997.12.16

1997.12.16, True Names: Vergil and the Alexandrian Tradition of Etymological Wordplay

James J. O'Hara  / University of Michigan Press, 1996

Reviewed by Jeffrey Wills

BMCR 1997.12.18

1997.12.18, Marmaria, Le Sanctuaire d’Athena a Delphes, Site et Monuments XVI.

Jean-François Bommelaer, Impr. Lavauzelle)  / École française d'Athènes, 1997

Reviewed by H. Eiteljorg

BMCR 1997.12.19

1997.12.19, Philodemus, On Piety Part 1.

approximately 110 B.C.-approximately 40 B.C. Philodemus, Dirk Obbink  / Clarendon Press, 1996

Reviewed by Lee Pearcy