BMCR 1993.05.01


BMCR 1993.05.02

1993.05.02, Cameron, Long, Barbarians and Politics at the Court of Arcadius

Alan Cameron, Jacqueline Long, Lee Sherry  / 1993

Reviewed by R.W. Burgess

BMCR 1993.05.03

1993.05.03, The Julio-Claudians: Selections from Books 58-63 of the Roman History of Cassius Dio

Cassius Dio Cocceianus., Jonathan Edmondson  / London Association of Classical Teachers, 1992

Reviewed by P.M. Swan

BMCR 1993.05.04

1993.05.04, Corrigendum and a Conference

BMCR 1993.05.05

1993.05.05, Electronic Antiquity: Communicating the Classics

BMCR 1993.05.06

Claudian, De Raptu Proserpinae

Claire Gruzelier  / Clarendon Press, 1993

Reviewed by Michael Dewar

BMCR 1993.05.07

Slavitt on Levitan on Slavitt

Response by David R. Slavitt | Original Review by William Levitan

BMCR 1993.05.08

1993.05.08, Gundlach, Weber, Legitimation und Funktion des Herrschers

Rolf Gundlach, Hermann Weber  / F. Steiner, 1992

Reviewed by David Potter

BMCR 1993.05.09

1993.05.09, Heckel, The Marshals of Alexander’s Empire

Waldemar Heckel  / Routledge, 1992

Reviewed by Catherine Rubincam

BMCR 1993.05.10

1993.05.10, Philoponus, On Aristotle’s Physics 2

John Philoponus  / Cornell University Press, 1993

Reviewed by Patricia Curd

BMCR 1993.05.11

1993.05.11, Kaufmann, The Mastery of Nature: Aspects of Art, Science, and Humanism in the Renaissance

Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann  / Princeton University Press, 1993

Reviewed by Christiane Hertel

BMCR 1993.05.12

1993.05.12, Taplin, Comic Angels and other approaches to Greek Drama through vase-painting

Oliver Taplin  / Clarendon Press, 1992

Reviewed by William Slater

BMCR 1993.05.13

Literacy and Orality in Ancient Greece

Rosalind Thomas  / Cambridge University Press, 1992

Reviewed by Carol Thomas

BMCR 1993.05.14

1993.05.14, National Research Council Survey

BMCR 1993.05.15

BMCR 04.05.15, ALSO SEEN: “Future Libraries”

BMCR 1993.05.16

1993.05.16, Christianisierung des Römerreiches und heidnischer Widerstand

Peter Thrams  / C. Winter, 1992

Reviewed by David Potter

BMCR 1993.05.17

1993.05.17, ALSO SEEN Slonczewski, J., Daughter of Elysium

Joan Slonczewski  / William Morrow and Co, 1993

Reviewed by Mary Blundell

BMCR 1993.05.18

1993.05.18, Bromwich, James., The Roman Remains of Southern France

James Bromwich  / Routledge, 1993

Reviewed by Ralph Mathisen

BMCR 1993.05.19

1993.05.19, Call for Papers: Organizer-Refereed American Philological Association Panel on The Personal Voice in Classical Scholarship

BMCR 1993.05.20

1993.05.20, Boyle, Roman Epic

A. J. (Anthony James) Boyle  / Routledge, 1993

Reviewed by Julia Gaisser