BMCR 1993.04.01

1993.04.01: Conference Announcement, The Ancient Book

BMCR 1993.04.02

1993.04.02: Meynell (ed), Grace, Politics and Desire

Hugo A. (Hugo Anthony) Meynell  / University of Calgary Press, 1990

Reviewed by Norman Lillegard

BMCR 1993.04.03

1993.04.03, Books Received (July 1993)

BMCR 1993.04.04

1993.04.04, Collected Works of Erasmus

Desiderius Erasmus, J. Kelley (Jesse Kelley) Soward  / University of Toronto Press, 1993

Reviewed by Paul Pascal

BMCR 1993.04.05

Announcement: An Electronic Database of Greek Lexicography: LSJ 9 and friends on-line

BMCR 1993.04.06

1993.04.06, O’Meara, Plotinus: Introduction to the Enneads

Dominic J. O'Meara  / Clarendon Press, 1993

Reviewed by John Kenney

BMCR 1993.04.07

1993.04.07, Martindale, Prosopography of the LRE

A. H. M. (Arnold Hugh Martin) Jones, J. R. (John Robert) Martindale, John Morris  / University Press, 1971-1992

Reviewed by James O'Donnell

BMCR 1993.04.08

1993.04.08, Riddle, Contraception and Abortion

John M. Riddle  / Harvard University Press, 1992

Reviewed by Paul Keyser

BMCR 1993.04.09

Catullus and His Renaissance Readers

Julia Haig Gaisser  / Clarendon Press, 1993

Reviewed by Paul Pascal

BMCR 1993.04.10

1993.04.10, Moorhead, Theoderic in Italy

John Moorhead  / Clarendon Press, 1992

Reviewed by James O'Donnell

BMCR 1993.04.11

Trade, Transport and Society in the Ancient World

Fik Meijer, Onno van Nijf  / Routledge, 1992

Reviewed by Nigel Pollard

BMCR 1993.04.12

1993.04.12, O’Sullivan, Alcidamas, Aristophanes and the Beginnings

Neil O'Sullivan  / F. Steiner, 1992

Reviewed by Ralph Rosen

BMCR 1993.04.13

Roman Britain

T. W. Potter, Catherine Johns  / University of California Press, 1992

Reviewed by A.S. Bailey

BMCR 1993.04.14

BMCR 04.04.14, ALSO SEEN: Babcock/Peritia/Brown

BMCR 1993.04.15

Also Seen: Future Libraries

BMCR 1993.04.16

1993.04.16, Books Received (AUGUST)

BMCR 1993.04.17

Letter from David Slavitt

BMCR 1993.04.18

1993.04.18, From the Editor’s Disk: True or False?

BMCR 1993.04.19

1993.04.19, Williams, Shame and Necessity

Bernard Williams  / University of California Press, 1993

Reviewed by Michael Halleran

BMCR 1993.04.20

1993.04.20, Williams, Bernard, Shame and Necessity

Bernard Williams  / University of California Press, 1993

Reviewed by Stephen Salkever