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Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2004.03.05

BMCR Books Received (February).  

Akkermans, Peter M.M.G. and Glenn M. Schwartz, The Archaeology of Syria. From Complex Hunter-Gatherers to Early Urban Societies (ca. 16,000 - 300 BC). Cambridge World Archaeology. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2004. Pp. 467. $110.00. ISBN 0-521-79230-4.

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Bächli-Hinz, Andreas, Monotheismus und neuplatonische Philosophie. Eine Untersuchung zum pseudo-aristotelischen Liber de causis und dessen Rezeption durch Albert den Großen. Sankt Augustin: Academia, 2004. Pp. 214. EUR 24.50 (pb). ISBN 3-89665-223-0.

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Dyck, Andrew R., A Commentary on Cicero, de legibus. Ann Arbor: The University of Michigan Press, 2004. Pp. 645. $69.50. ISBN 0-472-11324-0.

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Hinard, François and Jean Christian Dumont (edd.), Libitina. Pompes funèbres et supplices en Campanie à l'époque d'Auguste. Édition, traducion et commentaire de la Lex Libitina Puteolana. De l'archéologie à l'Histoire. Paris: De Boccard, 2003. Pp. 174; pls. 6. ISBN 2-7018-0156-7.

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Yiftach-Firanko, Uri, Marriage and Marital Arrangements. A History of the Greek Marriage Document in Egypt. 4th century BCE - 4th century CE. Münchener Beiträge zur Papyrusforschung und antiken Rechtsgeschichte, 93. Heft. München: C.H. Beck, 2003. Pp. 388; pls. 4. EUR 82.00. ISBN 3-406-51167-8.

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