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Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2003.04.22

ALSO SEEN: Giuseppina Basta Donzelli (ed.), Euripides: Electra. Editio correctior editionis prioris (MXCV).   Munich and Leipzig:  Saur, 2002.  Pp. xxxviii, 84.  ISBN 3-598-71245-6.  EUR 32.00 (pb).  

Reviewed by Martin Cropp, University of Calgary

The first edition of this useful Teubner text was published in 1995: see my review in BMCR 1996.07.03 (= BMCR 7, 1996, 390-6). This reprint comes with a supplementary list of sixteen minor typographical and editorial corrections on page 84. The most substantial is the adoption of Seidler's conjecture καὶ τέκεν με in line 116.

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