Bryn Mawr Classical Review 98.6.17

CORRIGENDUM: Janko on Janko on Powell/Morris edd.

To the Editor, BMCR
From: Richard Janko (
Re: B. Powell and I. Morris, eds., New Companion to Homer

Upon rereading my review of the New Companion to Homer, now distributed over the Net, I have realised that it contains an error which I would like to correct. When speaking of the work of Wolf on the text of Homer, I wrote that he never produced a text. This is an error on my part: he did produce an edition of the Iliad in 1804 and another of the Odyssey in 1807. (I was thinking of the fact that he never produced the promised Part II of his Prolegomena.) Hence his authority over the numerus versuum in subsequent editions of Homer. Like van Thiel's new editions, his contained far too many weakly attested lines; but unlike his, it did not take account of new MS material.