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1.   Others have studied this polyvalent quality of the Odyssey , but Felson is right to focus on the uncertainty about Penelope's plans as a powerful site for this guessing game that brings the audience pleasure. And, in deliberately casting it as a site for pleasure, she also pokes a bit of fun at those critics who so deliberately and seriously have analyzed the text for sure signs of when exactly Penelope recognizes Odysseus.

2.   For instance, although I liked her emphasis on how narrow and flawed Agamemnon's regard for Penelope is, it is difficult to understand this as the result of an arrested adolescent maturation (94f).

3.   Peter Brooks, “The idea of a psychoanalytics literary criticism,” in Discourse in Psychoanalysis and Literature , ed. Shlomith Rimmon-Kenan (1987) 1-18; he also denies the usefulness of “psychologizing” about the audience itself (2), although I think to study the rhetorical strategies intended for the listeners will tell us something about it.

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