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1.  . The series includes the following volumes: 1. Literatures of the Ancient Near East. 2. Greek Literature; 3. Roman Literature; 4. Late Antiquity; 5. The Eastern Middle Ages; 6. Early European Middle Ages; 7. High European Middle Ages; 8. Late European Middle Ages; 9. Renaissance and Baroque I; 10. Renaissance and Baroque II; 11. European Enlightenment I; 12. European Enlightenment II (nyp); 13. European Enlightenment III; 14. European Romanticism I; 15. European Romanticism II (nyp); 16. European Romanticism III; 17. European Realism; 18. Fin de siècle--Turn of the Century I (nyp); 19. Fin de siècle--Turn of the Century II (nyp); 20. Between the World Wars (nyp); 21. Literature after 1945 I; 22. Literature after 1945 II; 23. East Asian Literatures; 24. South and Central Asian Literatures (nyp); 25. Literary theory, index to the set (nyp). As is clear from this list, the literary history varies its contexts: languages, periods, styles.

2.  . Thus, the standard histories of Latin literature and Greek literature (M. Schanz-C. Hosius, Geschichte der römischen Literatur bis zum Gesetzgebungswerk des Kaisers Justinian, Munich, 1914-1935; W. Schmid-O. Stählin, Geschichte der griechischen Literatur, II: Die nachklassiche Periode der griechischen Literatur, Munich 1920-1924) were divided by periods and styles. In addition there are histories of early medieval Literature (like M. Manitius, Geschichte der lateinischen Literatur des Mittelalters, I, Munich 1911 and F. Brunhölzl, Histoire de la littérature latine du moyen âge, I: De Cassiodore à la fin de la renaisssance carolingienne, trans. H. Rochais, Turnhout, 1990), as well as histories of early Christian literature and of Byzantine literature (O. Bardenhewer, Geschichte der altkirchlichen Literatur, 5 vols, Freiburg i. Br., 1912-1932; K. Krumbacher, Geschichte der byzantinischen Literatur von Justinian bis zum Ende des oströmischen Reiches, 2 vols., Munich 1897).

3.  . I know of no work which corresponds with this study. More detailed, but less wide-ranging, are the two volumes edited by the late Reinhart Herzog and Peter Lebrecht Schmidt intended as a replacement of the older [quot ]Schanz-Hosius.[quot ] These are volumes 4 (117-283 CE) [quot ]Die Literatur des Umbruchs,[quot ] and 5 (284-374) [quot ]Restauration und Erneuerung[quot ] of the Handbuch der lateinischen Literatur der Antike (Munich, 1989-1997).Volume 5 has appeared in a French translation by Gerard Nauroy as Nouvelle Histoire de la Littérature Latine, 5 (Turnhout, 1993). A French translation of the other German volume is expected.

4.  . Problems in the writing of literary history are discussed in a lively and informative book by David Perkins, Is Literary History Possible?, Baltimore: Johns Hopkins UP, 1992.

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