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1.   Volkmann 1885; Kroll 1940.

2.   There was also Baldwin 1924, but for a full historical treatment one had to wait for George Kennedy's Princeton volumes (1963, 1972, and 1983, summarized and revised in Kennedy 1994). Less ample, but more historically extensive, are Kennedy 1980, Vickers 1988, Barilli 1989, and Conley 1990. Insufficiently known, in my opinion, is Barthes 1988. By far the largest and most ambitious project in this genre--organized, of course, alphabetically--is the ongoing Historisches Wörterbuch der Rhetorik (Ueding 1992- ).

3.   See, for example, A. E. Douglas's stern review of the first edition (Douglas 1962).

4.   Translated in this edition, xxiv. Arens's tone is nothing short of panegyric: 'this [a projected third edition] intends and is able only to supplement and expand, but in no way to question, [quot ]the Lausberg[quot ]. What Lausberg has written can never be revised; it can only be updated' (xxvi n. 2).

5.   Though one should not, as I am fond of saying, forget the fourth book of the Rhetorica ad Herennium. One will also consult with profit Volkmann 1885:393-562, Smyth 1956:671-683, Martin 1974:245-345, and now Rowe 1997. Those equipped with a CD-ROM will enjoy making use of Lanham 1996.

6.   It is amusing to note that metaphor, today by far the most elaborately studied of tropes, here receives just over six pages (§§558-564).


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