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1.   Some of the pieces discovered during the excavations at Sardis under the direction of Howard Crosby Butler are now in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, others are in the Art Museum, Princeton, while a number of pieces have been lost. The latter, known from earlier descriptions, are also included in this publication.  

2.   Also in the realm of unnecessary detail is the table (pp. 18-19), which outlines Munsell Soil Color Chart readings of Corinthian pottery, with chronological distribution (Table 3). Munsell designations are invaluable for providing a shorthand way of representing the color of an individual piece. Although these readings avoid the vagaries of [quot ]buff,[quot ] [quot ]reddish yellow[quot ] and so on, they are nevertheless approximations and, as such, provide a false sense of scientific precision.  

3.   Although this interesting pot is fully published elsewhere, see bibliography on pp. 83-84, and especially N.H. Ramage, [quot ]A Merrythought Cup from Sardis,[quot ] AJA 87, 1983, 453-460.  

4.   For the distribution of Lakonian pottery see especially, C.M. Stibbe, Lakonische Vasenmaler des sechsten Jahrhunderts v. Chr. (Amsterdam 1972) and M. Nafissi, [quot ]Distribuzione della ceramica laconica,[quot ] in F. Pompili, ed., Studi sulla ceramica laconica. Atti del seminario, Perugia, 23-24 febbraio 1981 (Perugia 1986) 149-172; id., [quot ]Distribution and Trade,[quot ] in C.M. Stibbe, Laconian Mixing Bowls: A History of the Krater Lakonikos from the Seventh to the Fifth Century B.C. (Amsterdam 1989) 68-88; see further J.K. Papadopoulos, Antike Kunst 35, 1992, 104, n. 126. Greenewalt sees stronger evidence for Lydian-Spartan interchange in the lydions with Lakonian-style painted decoration found in Italy and Sicily, though he quickly adds that these could equally reflect interchange between Sparta and Ionia.

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