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1.   To be added to the bibliography cited by P., M.R. Popham, P.G. Calligas and L.H. Sackett, Lefkandi II. The Protogeometric Building at Toumba. Part II: The Excavation, Architecture and Finds. ABSA Suppl. 23 (London: British School at Athens, 1993) and M.R. Popham, I.S. Lemos, Lefkandi III : the Early Iron Age cemetery at Toumba: the excavations of 1981 to 1994. ABSA Suppl. 29 (London: British School at Athens, 1996).  

2.   In the discussion of the term E)PIKTI/ZW used by Strabo 10.1.10 P. might have used the study by M. Casevitz, Le vocabulaire de la colonisation en grec ancien. Étude lexicologique: les familles de KTI/ZW et de O)IKE/W-O)IKI/ZW (Paris: Klinsieck, 1985).

3.   See, in this line, A.M. Snodgrass, "The Euboeans in Macedonia: a new precedent for Westward Expansion", APOIKIA. I piu antici insediamenti greci in Occidente: Funzione e modi dell'organizzazione politica e sociale. Scritti in onore di G. Buchner. AIONArchStAnt N.S., 1, 1994, pp. 87-93; against this view, and rejecting (again) any Euboean involvement in Chalcidike, see lastly J.K. Papadopoulos, "Euboians in Macedonia? A closer look", OJArch, 15, 1996, pp. 151-181.  

4.   As P. needs only to show the reality of joint enterprises before the end of the eighth century, he does not need to deal with the always thorny problem of the dating Euboean pottery, mainly the pendent semi-circle skyphoi, only mentioned in a footnote. Full publication of complete assemblages, however, seems to point to the same chronological framework alluded by P., but introducing also new and interesting perspectives on the (joint?) Euboean-Phoenician enterprises in the Western Mediterranean. See, for instance, R.A. Kearsley, "The Greek Geometric wares from Al Mina levels 10-8 and associated pottery", MeditArch, 8, 1995, pp. 7-81.  

5.   P. accepts this date after Ridgway. He does not seem to have used the most complete analysis by Ridgway himself L'alba della Magna Grecia (Milan: Longanesi, 1984), re-published with notable additions as The First Western Greeks (Cambridge: Cambridge U.P., 1992); obviously, P. could not use the long awaited publication of the Geometric graves of Pithekoussai, G. Buchner and R. Ridgway, Pithekoussai I. La necropoli: tombe 1-723 scavate dal 1952 al 1961. MonAnt. Serie Monografica, 4 (Rome, 1993). A lower chronology for the settlement at Pithekoussai is defended by other scholars on archaeological grounds; see for instance C. Dehl, Die korinthische Keramik des 8. und frühen 7 Jhdts. v. Chr. in Italien. Untersuchungen zu ihrer Chronologie und Ausbreitung (DAI Mitt. Athen. Beih. 11). (Berlin: Gebr. Mann, 1986) pp. 27-64 and Id. [quot ]Cronologia e diffusione della ceramica corinzia dell'VIII sec. a.C. in Italia," ArchClass, 35, 1983, p. 201: "una fondazione intorno al 750/740 appare, in base ai reperti, probabile". The recent publication of the Euboean imports from a deposit in the acropolis of Pithekoussai, with some sherds perhaps pointing to a MG date, has not completely solved the problem of the first Euboean settlement in Pithekoussai; see J.N. Coldstream, "Euboean Geometric Imports from the Acropolis of Pithekoussai", ABSA 90, 1995, pp. 251-267.  

6.   Several years ago, I dealt with the issue of Euboean-Chalcidian colonization in the Western Mediterranean, pointing out several of the main problems of the settlement of those colonies and the relationship between them: A.J. Dominguez, "La implantación colonial griega en el Occidente Mediterráneo: el caso euboico-calcídico. Recientes enfoques y perspectivas", Actas del primer Congreso Peninsular de Historia Antigua (Santiago: Univ. de Santiago, 1988), pp. 89-118. See further V.I. Kozlovskaia, "Les problèmes de la colonisation grecque de la Méditerranée Occidentale: l'activité eubéo-ionienne en Sicile (VIIIe-VIe siècles)", Le Pont-Euxin vu par les grecs. Sources écrites et archéologie (Paris, 1990), pp. 37-50.

7.   A.R. Burn, "The so-called 'trade-leagues' in early Greek history and the Lelantine War", JHS 49, 1929, pp. 14-37.

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