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1.   See my review of his Ritual and Reciprocity (BMCR 6 [1995] 651-657) and my [quot ]Chorus and Community in Euripides' Bacchae,[quot ] in Poet, Public, and Performance in Ancient Greece, eds. Lowell Edmunds and Robert W. Wallace (Baltimore 1997) 65-86, esp. 69-70; also DP 382-84.  

2.   For similar disagreements with S.'s handling of Ba. see, e.g., Rainer Friedrich, [quot ]Everything to Do with Dionysus?[quot ] in Michael S. Silk, ed., Tragedy and the Tragic (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1996) 274.  

3.   In a reply to R. Friedrich's criticisms of some of his views in Silk (preceding note) 290, S. refers to this same passage from Oudemans and Lardinois. When he came to do the review of DP, he seems to have forgotten that the scholars in question are citing me (as they do on 32 other occasions, according to their index). In fact, had S. bothered to look a few lines down on DP 357, which he cites, he would have seen the citation [quot ]DP 330-47,[quot ] part of the 1982 reprint, which I am recapitulating here in the Afterword; and this [quot ]manoeuvre[quot ] is in fact a major theme in the last chapter of DP (chap. 9).

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