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1.   Korn, M. (1989). Valerius Flaccus Argonautica 3.1-343. Ein Kommentar. Hildesheim.  

2.   Fucecchi, M. (1996). [quot ]Il restauro dei modelli antichi: tradizione epica e tecnica manieristica in Valerio Flacco[quot ] MD 36, 101-165.  

3.   Occasionally F.'s punctuation is less satisfactory. Removing the comma in 463, for example, seems rather unhelpful; likewise at 516, where F.'s decision to strip the apostrophized Musa of its enclosing commas is ill-advised, and is moreover inconsistent with F.'s own practice elsewhere (e.g. 606, 676, 719, 730).  

4.   In the very rare instances of oversight (at 489 rapidis ... passibus, for example, F. fails to mention the comparandum rapido ... passu at 8.54, along with exact echoes at Sil. 1.65 and Stat. Theb. 3.410) the omission is relatively insignificant.  

5.   Langen, P. (ed.) (1896-7). Valerii Flacci Argonauticorum Libri VIII (Berlin).  

6.   Feeney, D. C. (1991). The Gods in Epic (Oxford).  

7.   Barchiesi, A. (1995). [quot ]Figure dell' Intertestualità nell' Epica Romana Lexis 13, 49-67.

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