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1.   At the time of writing this review, it appears that the panel material will be published in Numen.  

2.   Interestingly, in an earlier essay Graf takes precisely this position, while in the very first note there directing the reader to the French edition of the current book for more details; "Excluding the Charming: The Development of the Greek Concept of Magic," in M. Meyer & P. Mirecki, eds., Ancient Magic and Ritual Power (Leiden, 1995) 29-42.  

3.   The linkage seems not a slip; cf. Graf's [quot ]Der Mythos bei den Römern. Forschungs- und Problemgeschichte,[quot ] in id., ed. Mythos in mythenloser Gesellschaft (Stuttgart & Leipzig, 1993) 33.  

4.   For readability I use the term [quot ]magician[quot ] although I do not agree with it since it relies on questionable modern categories; see my "Nullum Crimen Sine Lege: SocioReligious Sanctions on Magic," in C. Faraone & D. Obbink, eds., Magika Hiera. Ancient Greek Magic and Religion (New York, 1991) 260-76 and Jonathan Smith, [quot ]Trading Places[quot ] in Meyer et al. (above, n.2) 12-27.  

5.   I am grateful to Andreas Bendlin (Braesnose College, Oxford) for helpful discussion of this section's ideas.  

6.   See my [quot ]Walter Burkert In Partibus Infidelium: A Classicist Appraisal of Creation of the Sacred[quot ] forthcoming in Method and Theory in the Study of Religion, and [quot ]Walter Burkert In Partibus Romanorum[quot ] forthcoming in Religion.

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