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1.   V. Ehrenberg, [quot ]Spartiaten und Lakedaimonier[quot ], Hermes 59, 1924, 23 f.  

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3.   On the issue of oral tradition, it would have been of interest to deal with works not included in the bibliography, especially Thomas, R. Oral tradition and written record in classical Athens (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1989); Id. Literacy and orality in Ancient Greece (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1992).  

4.   Ehrenberg, V. Neugründer des Staates. Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte Spartas und Athens im VI. Jahrhundert (Munich: Beck, 1925).  

5.   Cavanagh, W.; Crouwel, J.; Catling, R.W.V.; Shipley, G. Continuity and change in a Greek Rural Landscape. The Laconia Survey. II. Archaeological Data (London: BSA, 1996); on the perioikoi see Shipley, G. [quot ]PERIOIKOS: the discovery of classical Lakonia[quot ]. PHILOLAKON. Lakonian Studies in Honour of Hector Catling. (London: BSA, 1992), 211-226.

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