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1.   Among N.'s numerous editions of Cicero's individual works and more general studies, perhaps of most scholarly interest would be his investigation of Cicero's ethical thought Modelli etici e società: Un'idea di Cicerone (Pisa, 1989).  

2.   For a discussion of La Penna's work and an illuminating comparison with that of Conte, see Peter Toohey's review (in BMCR 97.2.28) of the collection of La Penna's essays Da Lucrezio a Persio: Saggi, studi, note, con una bibliografia degli scritti dell'autore (Milan, 1995) which N. co-edited along with Mario Citroni and Alessandro Perutelli.  

3.   N. (p. 35 note 33) distances his views from those of Kennedy as expressed in his The Art of Rhetoric in the Roman World (Princeton, 1972) p. 226 and A New History of Classical Rhetoric (Princeton, 1994) p. 146. He is more critical of Vickers' Storia della retorica trad. it. Bologna 1994 (which I take to be his Defense of Rhetoric [Oxford, 1988]): [quot ]un grave fraintendimento della forma artistica del de oratore.[quot ]  

4.   N. gives full expression of this idea in his [quot ]Peceptions of exile in Cicero: the philosophical interpretation of a real experience[quot ], AJP 118 (1997) 55-73.  

5.   N. here acknowledges a debt to J.-M. David, Le Patronat judicaire au dernier siècle de la république romaine (Rome, 1992).  

6.   N. bases his discussion on W. D. Lebek, Verba Prisca. Die Anfänge des Archaisierens in der lateinischen Beredsamkeit und Geschichtsschreibung [quot ]Hypomnemata[quot ] 25, Göttingen 1970, pp. 84-95.  

7.   So Humbert, Les plaidoyers écrits et les plaidoiries réelles de Cicéron (Paris, 1926) p. 265.  

8.   N. does caution the reader (p. 157 n.2) that the chapter contains preliminary results of a larger investigation that he promises to publish elsewhere.

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