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1.   David Sedley [quot ]Philosophical Allegiance in the Greco-Roman World[quot ] in M. Griffith and J. Barnes, eds., Philosophia Togata (Oxford 1989): 97-119.  

2.   D. R. Shackleton-Bailey rejected these letters as spurious in Cicero: Epistulae ad Quintum Fratrem et M. Brutum (Cambridge 1980), and in Gnomon 65 (1993) 547.  

3.   See the salutary [quot ]General Principles for Reading Plutarch[quot ] in Philip Stadter A Commentary on Plutarch's Pericles (Chapel Hill 1989) p. li-lii and Helene Homeyer [quot ]Zu den hellenistischen Quellen der Plutarch-Viten[quot ] Klio 41 (1963) 145-157, esp. p. 156-7.  

4.   F. Fukuyama The End of History and the Last Man (New York 1992). R. H. Barrow Plutarch and His Times (Bloomington and London 1969) p. 146-9.

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