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1.   Cf. the Introduction of B. Scardigli (ed.): Essays to Plutarch's lives, Oxford 1995 (reviewed by T. P. Hillman, BMCR 95.9.22). Both Moralia and Lives will be commented extensively in Italian: Corpus Plutarchi Moralium, diretto da I. Gallo, Napoli 1988- (so far 25 volumes); Vite Parallele, ed. M. Manfredini, Milano 1977- (so far 17 lives in 9 volumes).  

2.   For example S. Schroeder: Plutarchs Schrift De Pythiae oraculis, Stuttgart 1990; H. Heftner: Plutarch und der Aufstieg des Pompeius, Frankfurt 1995 or the articles concerning Plutarch in Prinzipat und Kultur im 1. und 2. Jahrhundert, ed. by B. Kuehnert, V. Riedel and R. Gordesiani, Bonn 1995.  

3.   The Diccionario Griego-Espanol is not mentioned; the extended article should have been used (Volume 3, 1991, col. 681s.).  

4.   S. has collected much more etymologies than Otto Goeldi: Sprachliche Interessen Plutarchs , Diss. phil. Zürich 1921/22. Goeldi was interested in the linguistic aspects of the etymologies.  

5.   Th. Litt: Über eine Quelle von Plutarchs Aetia Romana, RhM 59 (1904) 603-615 collected parallels between Plutarch and Festus. Such Latin lexical information could have be mediated by Juba.  

6.   Simon Swain's Hellenism and Empire: Language, Classicism, and Power in the Greek World AD 50-250 (Oxford 1996), reviewed by P. Gordon in BMCR 97.4.17, was published too late for consideration in S.'s dissertation, submitted in 1996.

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